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Solution To The Media’s Negative View Of Women

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In today’s society, the media has become a big influential source for the ideal body-image of mankind. The media paints this vivid picture of a typical woman as beautiful, petite, big chest and slim-wasted with an admiring smile. Although the media portray women as one, their reasons become valid and realistic rather than unrealistic and unattainable to the human eye.In reality,there are women of all shapes and sizes that do not possess these flamboyant features and this is where dissatisfaction takes place.This reaction to the media brought upon eating disorders for actresses, celebrities and normal women who are trying to obtain media standards of women resulting as an extreme hazard to ...view middle of the document...

Media should do a better job of getting away from the typical view of women.
As one browses television, the web, or a fashion magazine, women who define the stereotypical “woman.”Various weight loss supplements that promise to burn fat to achieve a lean slimmer body are also promoted along with these images intentionally. The media is a perfect source for promoting women to obtain this “impossibly thin body” (Barriga, Shapiro and Jhaveri 140). Some commercials even place men superior to women, such as, the Dr. Pepper 10 commercial, demonstrated by its slogan “It’s not for women.” Along with male superiority, women are then presented as sex objects.
Advertisements such as Dolce & Gabbana promote women as sexual objects who attract sexy men as opposed to their physical presentation. This is a perfect example as self- and sexual objectification as explained by Jennifer Aubrey:
Thus, it stands to reason that media exposure high in sexual objectification can socialize individuals to treat their own bodies as objects. Individuals who continuously see others’ bodies being objectified in the media learn theimportance of appearance, which could encourage them to view themselves as objects to be looked at by others (51).
By creating solutions, sex would not have to sell every product that is created. “Media images of thin women play an important role in transmitting socio-cultural attractiveness norms” (Krashe and Krause 349), causing women to question own their body-image. Thin models can be so influential that their view may play a “role in establishing eating patterns that could lend to clinically relevant eating disorders” (Krashe nad Krause 352). Eating disorders have been a common result amongst women who are trying to reach this unbelievable thinness.
Many actresses and celebrities suffer from eating disorders from trying to maintain this incredibly thin shape. It is a known fact that “television is, in general, a world in which how women look is critical” (Barriga, Shapiro and Jhaveri128). All women who are thin cannot be diagnosed with an eating disorder:
Although it is clear that not all women with strong stereotyped feminine traits have eating disorders and not all women with eating disorders have strong feminine traits, their observations suggest that there may be something about feminine gender roles that makes some women particularly dissatisfied with their bodies, particularly vulnerable to cultural pressures toward thinness, and at higher risk for eating disorders (Adams-Curtis et al. 462)
Women dissatisfaction with their bodies seems to be“one of the many complex factors contributing to the much higher incidence of eating disorders in women” (Adams-Curtis et al. 462).Eating disorders have not only taken toll on normal women, but celebrities and actresses also. Many models, actresses and celebrities are below their normal BMI (body mass Index), some weighing under 100 pounds. There have also been known actresses and celebrities who...

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