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Solutions For Lowering Alcohol Consumption Essay

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A couple years ago, a young man named Johnny Manzeeel left a sports bar with too much alcohol in his system. Miserable Johnny could barely walk while catching the attention of ongoing cars and pedestrians. Eventually he found his car and made the mistake of sliding into the driver seat and starting up the engine. Far from sober, Johnny began driving and nearly took out a pole in the parking lot. However that did not stop him from driving. From crossing red lights to speeding on the highway and cutting other drivers off, things did not look like they were going to get any better for Johnny. Once again, the reckless drunk driver caught everyone’s attention; everyone except the young lady ...view middle of the document...

Everyone also has different limits when it comes to drinking however high blood alcohol content or high alcohol levels can be extremely deadly. Drinking massive amounts of alcohol has numerous negative effects on the human body like, headaches, distorted vision and hearing, alcohol poisoning, high blood pressure, liver disease, and nerve damage, “alcohol leads to addiction and can put people at a higher risk of over 200 disorders like tuberculosis and pneumonia” (TIME 1). The effects of alcohol all depend on how much was consumed and the physical condition of the person. Drinking massive amounts of alcohol has numerous negative effects on the human body like, headaches, distorted vision and hearing, alcohol poisoning, high blood pressure, liver disease, and nerve damage. Nothing positive or healthy results from drinking alcohol.
Solutions for lowering alcohol consumption or completely getting rid of it have been around for a long time. Placing an age restriction on buying alcohol does not stop adolescents from possessing alcohol. Someone drinking an alcoholic beverage under the legal age is considered underage drinking and is a gigantic problem in the United States and United Kingdom. Prohibition being one of them however, due to an increase in criminal activity pertaining to drug dealers that would sell alcohol and smugglers that would sneak in alcohol into the country, the act was lifted. There are countries around the world today that have banned alcohol. There also some cities and towns that still have banned alcohol today. New technology also has been invented to stop drunk driving, “the driver must blow into an alcohol-detector before starting the motor vehicle. If the blood-alcohol content is too high, the vehicle won't run” (Price 1). Breathalyzers have been implemented into cars to stop drunken driving accidents from happening. Although one can be addicted to alcohol one can limit how fast they drink and how much they drink and know how much alcohol their body can take before it becomes too harmful.
Many people were furious with the Prohibition act because they obviously loved alcohol. Banning alcohol today would create a much more immense and threatening response. To avoid this type of response, alcohol will still be available for purchase although irresponsible people and people in a dangerous state of health will not be allowed to purchase alcohol. This solution will not only lower the alcohol consumption but it will also lower the average alcohol related death count.
To obtain a special license that allows one to purchase alcohol, one must first schedule a medical check with their doctor. The medical check determines whether or not one is fit to drink alcohol. If the patient is not in well-being shape then they are no longer eligible for the special license, the process ends there for them. If one is in exceptional condition then the doctor writes an alcohol prescription. Next the patient moves onto the DMV. The DMV checks...

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