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Solutions To Peer Pressure Essay

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Many people experience all different forms of peer pressure throughout their life. There are different types of peer pressure such as to do drugs, or drink or even to just do something completely dumb or against what that specific person believes in. At a teenager age there are many more issues with peer pressure because in these years not only are we vulnerable and curious but the people known as our ‘friends’ have a lot of influence over us. Most of the time we do whatever it is they want us to do to either entertain them or make them happy. Yet that doesn’t mean after the teenage years that peer pressure is completely gone from an adults life. Many adults are continually peer pressured ...view middle of the document...

The Burmese people were pressuring him to kill the elephant as soon as he saw it the man did not want to kill the elephant because it was against his beliefs. Although if he were to lower his gun and not kill the elephant the man would be ridiculed and hated even more than he had ever been before. His hope was that if he killed the elephant the Burmese people would actually like him. On page 1323 he says, “But I did not want to shoot the elephant. I watched him beating his bunch of grass against his knees with that preoccupied grandmotherly air that elephants have. It seemed to me that it would be murder to shoot him.” It become so apparent that the man does not want to shoot and therefore his solution rather than falling into peer pressure should have been to simply walk away. When he saw the elephant and felt in his own hear that he didn’t want to shoot it he should’ve instead gotten a sleeping gun, shot the elephant with that and then had the elephant removed from the Bazaar and set back into the wild. Therefore he wouldn’t have gone against his own beliefs and the elephant could no longer do harm to the people. If he would’ve chosen this route there is no promise that he wouldn’t have been made fun of yet he would’ve been more pleased with his decision.
Next, the main character in Not Witchcraft for Sale named Gideon is being pure pressured into something he didn’t want to do and there is a solution to his problem. The man named Gideon is put in a difficult situation after saving the Farquars young son named Teddy from going blind with a plant, Gideon was now wanted to share his plant with a doctor so that the doctor could distribute the plant and save people all around the world from going blind from poison of a snake. In these times African American people weren’t seen as equal to whites and that’s why Gideon had such a difficult time saying no. On page 1333 it says, “Gideon looked from Mrs....

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