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Solutions To Preventing The Spread Of Global Warming And Its Affects

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“The American flag has gone through changes over time; those changes have made an impact on our country and made it what it is today.” Our earth is like the American flag, it is constantly changing, and one issue that affects our earth is global warming. We now live in an industrialized world which is filled with many new technologies that provide goods and services to us, provide us with energy and electricity and transportation. These new technological advances have made our lives much easier to live with. These technologies include things such as: factories, power plants, automobiles, etc… this has made the human population very dependent and accustomed to all of these technological advances. The use of technology requires the energy of fossil fuels to keep it running. By using fossil fuel energy we are releasing harmful green-house gases into our atmosphere, we are slowly bringing forth climate changes and environmental issues to our society. To respond to these global warming issues, we must promote awareness and educate people in our society and let them know that humans influence the environment around them. We must also educate people to find better technological advances that will improve global and environmental issues, by doing so we will drastically alter the environment around us in a more positive way.
Many years ago, society thought that the threat of global warming would never arise during our life time expectancies as well as our children’s generation. Recently global warming is being recognized and accepted by experts from the scientific community as well as public society. Global warming is caused by the over use of fossil fuel materials. Richard A. Kerr, author and reporter for Science Magazine, believes that global warming is caused mainly by human beings. Kerr states that humans have caused the climate to change due to their frequent use of resources that release greenhouse gases into the environment. Whenever we use these fossil fuels, we are introducing new harmful environmental materials to our atmosphere. R. Monastersky, author and reporter for Science Magazine, believes that Global warming is a crisis that the world will have to face in the future. Global warming will start to affect the environment that we live in. Monastersky believes that, global warming is caused by greenhouse gases that have built up in our atmosphere. These gases consist of carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and nitrous oxide. These gases are caused by gas, coal, oil and other fossil fuels (183). As we use more fossil fuel materials, these green-house gases start to build up and raise atmospheric levels which affects temperature, water levels, migration of animals, and changes in climate in particular regions. Global warming is a realistic threat that is drastically affecting our environment in many ways.
In recent years, there have been many horrible natural disasters that have been documented. These natural disasters have...

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