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Solutions To The Problem Of Deforestation

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Solutions to the Problem of Deforestation


There are many things that one can do personally to rectify the
problem of Deforestation. These include such things as using wood
sparingly, planting indigenous trees, purchasing the most ecologically
sensitive products, recycling paper, reducing consumption of wood
related products, communicating your opinions to the proper
authorities, calling on forestry companies to act responsibly, and
more. Education, however is the most effective catalyst for change, we
must respect the forests as living communities not just resources to
be exploited.


There are many things that governments are doing to rectify this
problem. Probably the most effective of these are Forest Protection
Schemes, Farm Forestry and plantations, and Raising

First and foremost is the establishment of Forest Protection Schemes,
which mainly aim at setting up National Parks and Forest Reserves.
Although this is a very effective method it is not enough and such
schemes tend to be used to justify destructive exploitation of
unprotected areas of forest.

Farm Forestry generally refers to the incorporation of commercial tree
growing into farming systems. Farm Forestry is as effective as it is
because it takes the load off old-growth forests. Farm Forestry, along
with Plantations, is very effective in preserving old-growth forests.
The Combined Standing Forest Resource in Australia was 1.5 million
hectares of planted trees. . In China, the law states that each and
every citizen must plant at least 11 trees a year, every year.

Raising awareness and education are other important steps in
rectifying the problem of deforestation. Raising awareness is most
important because it ensures that people know the problem and it is
this knowledge that proves to be the most effective step in rectifying
the problem. Through educating local farmers, governments aim to teach
farmer the Dangers of Deforestation and Slash-and-Burn. Apart from
educating farmers, Governments could provide incentives to farmers, or
give the High Yielding Varieties of seeds so that less land is cut
down, and give farmers fertilisers so that they can use the same block
of land for a longer period of time. Improvement of technology would
also help as access to machinery would allow farmers to manage the
land for a longer period before moving on.

World Wide:

The Tropical Forestry Action Plan was the first major international
initiative to tackle tropical deforestation and was launched in 1985
by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, the World Bank, the

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