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On September 9th, 2013 Rebecca Sedwick committed suicide after being bullied for a year and a half. Rebecca was bullied by as many as 15 girls online. She jumped to her death from an abandoned cement factory tower. Rebecca was taken out of the school where the bullying students had attended but the bullying didn’t stop. While attending her old school she got jumped and told that she should “drink bleach and die” by one of the two girls who got arrested for this tragedy. In the United States bullying is becoming a major problem that no one is really trying to fix. Bullying can happen to anyone whether he or she is popular at school or the outcast. Being bullied is not fun and can cause some ...view middle of the document...

They think they are protecting themselves and others from the real bully or now the victim. The Power- Hungry like to show that they are powerful enough to make others do what they want. They need an audience, they want to get a reaction out of people and they brag about their actions often the victim of offline bullying. There are also the Mean Girls who are just bored and looking for entertainment, they are the most immature and are largely ego based. They most frequently bully other girls. The last one is the Inadvertent Cyberbully who don’t lash out intentionally, they respond without thinking. They do it because they can and they may do it to a friend. They are mostly surprised when accused with cyber abuse.
Some reasons the bullies start cyberbullying are: to show off for friends, to be mean, to embarrass them, for fun, because they deserved it, or to get back at someone. Eighty percent say that it’s easier to hide online bullying from parents than in person. Only 7% of parents are worried about cyberbullying (PEW Internet and American Life Survey, 2011). 1 in 6 parents know their child has been bullied on social media (Megan Meier Foundation). It seems like parents don’t really monitor what their children are doing on the social media websites when they should be. Parents need to become aware and watch for signs of cyberbullying. Some warning signs of cyber bullying may be: symptoms of with drawl, first hand bullying, low self-esteem, extra aggression, and lower grades.
One possible solution could be if there is a program installed on all computers that monitors what people say and how...

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