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Have you ever had loud, annoying neighbors? How about neighbors who just don’t seem to care about what anyone else has to say? Did you know that there is a noise ordinance in your community? Noisy neighbors are a community wide problem that more people should pay attention to. Loud neighbors don’t just happen at night, but in all parts of the day. Obviously the average neighbor is going to be bothered by the excessive noise at night though. For example, do you think it would be easy to fall asleep to barking dogs and loud partying neighbors that are up until about four o’clock in the morning?There are numerous reasons why these ear-splitting sounds should be unacceptable such as sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep can easily cause “reduced energy, greater difficulty concentrating, diminished mood and greater risk for accidents, including fall-asleep crashes” ( Also, if you are not receiving enough sleep it is very likely to loose personal relationships with others, because with the time that you usually spend with others you would rather sleep. Even if you choose not to sleep with this time you may be extremely cranky towards others. Loud neighbors can also affect the way that you learn, it may be hard to concentrate because of lack of sleep or there may be too many other things on your mind. Another existence of racketing neighbors is called noise pollution. Noise pollution is defined as “human-created noise harmful to health or welfare” (The World Book Encyclopedia 251).The causes of noisy neighbors can include your adults, people who just don’t care about their neighbors and annoying dogs/animals. Any continuous disturbance between the hours of ten p.m. and seven a.m. is violating the Dearborn City Ordinance such as; loud, barking, howling dogs (Dearborn Ordinances 13).The consequences of failing these problems are: it is very likely for you to loose your job. This is because lack of sleep; lack of sleep can cause bad performance at work and not waking up on time. Another consequence could be spoiling relationships with friends and family. This is possible because you could be in a crabby mood all/most of the time, you could want to sleep all the time, or you might not want to be home due to the excessive noise. Unfortunately, if you have pets, your pets could become loud, violent or even seriously injured. If you couldn’t deal with the noise any more it might be a good idea to move. This is unfortunate for you and the city because the city’s population will decrease, you may have to find a new job and again you could loose serious relationships with friends and families.My proposed...

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