Solving Issues By One Drop Of The Blade

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Ever get mad at somebody and think, “Why can’t I just chop this person’s head off?” Such desires are normal to a majority of people; after all, people have been beheaded people since humanity’s ancestors walked out of Africa. Of course, everybody remember the arrowhead guillotine the Native Americans invented to kill the buffalo. They only had sinew and bones to make that wonderful device, now if that is not an accomplishment of a true American, then what on earth is a true American? Not a communist because they go in the guillotine and like all other troubles that humanity has faced, it can be solved with the guillotine. Tired of all the prisoners sitting about in their own filth like the ...view middle of the document...

Fact is, the French people were getting a bit too entitled to what they did not deserve, but that is not the topic to be disputed. They are only to be congratulated on inventing, according to most people, the device which will bring better futures to the most opinionated of people. Opinionated people have done what they always have when it came to public executions -- cry out what their favorite method of execution has been. Arguments have been held and swords have been drawn, but when it comes to game time, the guillotine has always brought sufficient results. After all, what is more euphoric than a blade raised several feet off of the ground and dropped onto the bare neck of a criminal, or even better, an innocent child. However, everybody knows that child is not innocent because they often flock to the front of rich people’s carriages and get caught under the hooves of the horses racing through the streets without care for the weak, fragile men and women of common day France. Do not think light of this, one child can really ruin the alignment on a carriage and it will certainly need to be washed by the other peasants who serve nobility. See, it is the peasant’s fault; they overworked each other to death. Regardless, they took over the French nobility and did so with an amazing display. Dozens died each and every day, no nation could stand with more pride then they could. They were a nation of people willing to sacrifice everything to make their world better. As an already great American society, it can only become an even greater society by following their example: dropping freedom blades from across the sky.
If America embraces the ‘Drop all the Blades’ policy France had embraced, it would not have to deal with the world’s largest prison system. That may seem like an accomplishment and it certainly is, but it lacks one key detail. People are not dying. Simply not enough is being done about the looming issue of over population. African poachers are doing their part to make sure that true Americans have enough space in the world, but Americans are failing to let go of the rope when it comes to dealing with this issue. Americans should turn their eyes to these true patriots and take notes. According to an article done by Adam Hadhazy, “At an estimated rate of 30,000 animals slaughtered every year, elephants could become extinct in fifteen to twenty years” (Hadhazy 1). Americans have every right to be outraged at this number, why on earth can Americans not compare to this select group of individuals who hunt giant, man-eating animals? Elephants are large, blood-lusty creatures that can kill a man just by stomping its foot on the ground. Poachers are doing everything in their power to get rid of these monsters, but the whole of society can not get rid of the filthy creatures in their own prisons? Americans deserve to be outraged at this news. They need to stand up and say, “We can do better! We can kill 300,000 prisoners every year!” Now that...

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