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3061 words - 12 pages International Journal of Business and Management Vol. 5, No. 10; October 2010
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Study on the Organizational Structured Problem Solving on
Total Quality Management
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Abstract The structured problem solving is important methodology in quality improvement. This article discuss the problem solving should be approached in a structured manner using team. Firstly, discuss the concept of problem and structured problem solving. Secondly, descript the base of structured problem solving is the Deming circle: PDCA. And introduce the Bank's 6 steps process of the problem solving. Thirdly, discuss the important of a structured manner using team in problem solving. Fourthly, discuss the argument about the problem solving. Finally, appraise the view of structured problem solving in critical way. And give an example of Toyota how to setup a practical problem solving process and integrate the quality management systems. Through the study, we can learn that when the companies try to meet or exceed customers' needs and expectations, they often need to face different kinds of problems. The structured problem solving is important methodology to fix the problem and improve the quality. And we also need to think about to integrate the problem solving process in the framework of TQM, and understand important of the organization structure in problem solving. And the zero defects are also a good concept and practical way to reduce the quality problem in an organization. Keywords: Organization structure, Structured problem solving, Total quality management, PDCA, Error& mistake-proofing (Poka-yoke) 1. Introduction Quality now plays an important role the strategy of organization. Increasing the customers' satisfaction has proved the target of TQM. Most of the organizations are seeking the way to achieve the target. And recent years, the people in TQM have been recognized as the key factor of success to improve the organization performance. The structure problem solving is most useful way to continuant improving the performance of organization. Through many years practice, the structure problem solving has become a systemic solution for quality improvement. With the TQM technique and idea developing, there are some arguments about the structured problem solving. This article will discuss the structure problem solving in the team in system perspective. The purpose of this article is to literature review: the concept of structure problem solving, the functions of teams in structured problem solve, the arguments about using structured problem solving, and appraise the way of applying the methodology in the Oakland's (2003) framework of TQM. 2. The theory about the structured problem solving 2.1 The influence of organization structure on TQM Before the structured...

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