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Solving The Worlds Water Problem Essay

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What is the one resource people need at least every couple of days for survival? Yes, clean water is crucial for human existence. Most people think that coastal cities are not struggling for water since they are living next to the world’s biggest water source. However, the problem is that the water is undrinkable in its current state because of salt and other materials. Coastal countries like China are extremely dependent on water. Its water quality is also diminishing. One scary observation is that China is expected to have tens of billions of environmental refugees within the next decade because of the water shortage. Seventy percent of the countries entire water supply goes to irrigating agriculture. Therefore if there is no water, there is no food.
One solution to this problem is a method called desalination. This method removes the salt and other water pollutants from water. In 1986, China created the world’s first desalination device. It is an extremely effective technique, but the downfall is the expense of each desalination plant. One plant alone costs millions of dollars. The other disadvantage is that advanced research to improve the technique is costly. On the other side there are plenty of positives to this method. Researchers believe that desalination could potentially help solve with the rising sea level problem. Also desalination provides purified water to millions of households. Desalination works through a reverse-osmosis operation. Reverse-osmosis uses a highly developed membrane allowing the passage of water while preventing the passage of dissolved materials. So when water flows through membranes, it lets the water molecules separate from other materials like salt.
Many people ask the question, “How can water treatment and purification systems be improved?” One problem to improving such systems is that the cost is exorbitant. Even though improving is expensive, China has managed to get enough donations for 200 plus projects in progress on improving desalination. Because of this, the amount of water desalinated per day is multiplying greatly. The main research facility is a water purification plant called “El Paso”. It is located in Texas and is the largest inland water purification plant as well. It produces roughly 27.5 million gallons of purified...

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