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Somalia: Bedrock Of Violence Essay

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Societies all over the world are changing for the future. For all countries, change can come slowly as it is instituted throughout the daily lives of the people. Somalia, in particular, can attest to the conflicts brought about by those changes. The level of poverty, failing government, and lack of humanitarian aid, are caused by boundaries from within Somalia. Al-Shabaab, the terrorist organization operating in Somalia, is hindering economic, political and humanitarian progression in the country. The government in Somalia is fractured and cannot support daily economic duties and humanitarian needs. The people have to find other means to support their families and survive in a “kill or ...view middle of the document...

Harakat- Al-Shabaab-Mujahedeen, also known as Al-Shabaab, is the terror group who operates in Somalia (ApologeticsIndex, 2013). In 2012, Al-Shabaab formally joined Al-Qaida to expand their ties and repel western influence. The union of both groups increased the potential for terrorism to spread outside of Somalia’s borders.
Underneath the terrain and blood soaked streets, lies a history that contrasts the conflicts that plague the country today. That history gives Somalia its footing as well as her voice. To the world, Somalia is known for its violence, inequality and humanitarian strife. Somalia, however, was not always in such disarray. The country had a bright horizon amongst the decay the world sees today.
When Somalia was occupied by Britain, it provided government and structure (Infoplease, 2005). The Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, both neighboring Somalia to the East gave merchants the access they needed for establish trade. The trade going in and coming from Somalia was and has been a drawing point for merchants, Somalians and neighboring countries. The coast of Somalia is a source of food as it brought goods like livestock, plants and other trade since the early 1800’s (Infoplease, 2005).
Today, much of the coastline of Somalia is riddled with wrecks and commercial ships due to high levels of piracy that plague the area. Somalia was subject to many influences from occupying countries such as Britain, France and Italy during its early beginnings (Infoplease, 2005). Unfortunately, as time went on, the importance to hold Somalia by occupying countries started to shift with other priorities. By 1960, certain areas of Somalia were able to join together forming the Republic of Somalia as the British decided to release control (Infoplease, 2005). The country continued to find balance as it was going through realignment internally. The Somali Civil War and the fight over power left the country destabilized. By 1992, through war and political indifferences, Somalia was left in the hands warlords, clans and guerilla groups whose trust were limited to those in their groups (Infoplease, 2005). Hope of a functioning government was dwindling. The Somali’s were bracing for continued uncertainty, struggling to come to grips with an ever changing future.
The Islamic Courts Union (ICU) consisted of courts ruled by hard line Islamists, governed Somalia in the middle of 2006. The ICU was governing without limit, and imposed Sharia Law as they were spreading their influence throughout Somalia. The ICU’s approach caused infighting, travesties and barbarous acts throughout the country. Intervention from the Bush administration, aided the Ethiopian invasion into Somalia removing the ICU from power. Once the ICU was ousted, Islamists from the ICU broke away and formed the terror group Al-Shabaab (Frydenborg, 2013).
Al-Shabaab, meaning “The Youth” or “Movement of Warrior Youth”, is the terror group spawned from the ICU...

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