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Some New Wearable Technology At Ces 2014

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There have been many new gadgets and products that have been launched and new ideas introduced at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas. Wearables like smartwatches, fitness tracks and sensors had dominated the electronic extravaganza and they surely are going to explode in the worldwide market. Though many reputed companies came up with new products, it was heartening to find some new companies offering new technical devices and products.

1. Vuzix M100 smart glasses: The Glasses are an Android based wearable computer that is lightweight and small for all types of users. It has features like computer recording, computer monocular display and wireless connectivity ability. There are preinstalled apps that can record and play pictures and video, track events, keep a control on your appointments, meetings, connects to your phone and many more. The M100 is adaptable to many Android apps. The hands free wearable device comes with a HD camera for video and still pictures. Bluetooth connectivity ensures easy pairing with other smart devices wirelessly and has a sophisticated GPS and head tracking system for all purposes. The major disadvantage is the look of the gadget. It costs $ 999 and is available in the market.

2. Epson smart Glasses: The Moverio BT-200 likely to be released in March 2014 is acclaimed as a next generation product. It is very small and light to carry, has a big and bright screen, and comes with a front facing camera that supports augmented realty applications. It has a touch pad control unit runs on the Android 4.0 and connects to a mighty powerful processor and has Bluetooth connectivity. It has features like a binocular LCD projection lens system, gyro, accelerometer built in and also has an app by which a medico can check a patient’s veins. It is priced at $ 700.

3. LG Lifeband Touch Wristband: It is a fitness tracker where at the push of a button the user can learn about the complete data like calories lost, number of steps walked or jogged, the mileage and speed. It has an OLED display and notifies information of incoming calls. It also has features like GPS tracking and heart rate monitor. It syncs well with apps like Polar, Wahoo fitness, Run keeper and Myfitnesspal. The Lifeband Touch is compatible with the iOS and Android devices. It will most likely hit the market in spring 2014 and cost around...

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