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Some Careers Require More Professional Employees Than Others

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When the term, “Professional,” is heard, what words come to mind? Skillful? Prepared? Or maybe even serious? These words are just a few of many different ways to describe the term, “Professional.” Now, most people connect the word, “Professional,” with what makes this society moving forward- jobs. Professionalism within these different jobs is what creates successful employees, and successful employees create successful careers. However, when it boils down to seeing who has the most professionalism within its employees, two careers come to mind. The career fields of television news anchors and financial management both require truly professional personnel. News anchors and financial managers must obtain an outstanding amount of expertise while on the job. As different as these careers may seem, they both show a similarity when it comes to amount of professionalism needed within their employees.
The first and foremost task of a television news anchor is to responsibly report the news and publicly share the information with the viewers. But, this cannot be done in any ordinary way. “A news anchor must know how to present the news in an extremely professional manner, in order to come off to the viewers as a reliable source of information” (Jones). If the news reported from an anchor isn’t credible, then the viewers aren’t going to tune in to that station anymore. This is what makes the career of a news anchor require such a respected and professional employee. News anchors also have to share the information with the general public, so that the viewers know what’s going on and are always up-to-date. The people who watch the news rely on a well-qualified anchor to share accurate information to them. After all, it’s the skillfulness of a news anchor that’s successfully sharing the information with the viewers.
When it comes to being prepared, news anchors can’t be beat! Television news anchors normally use a script to read and present their information. As mentioned by Megan Cahn in an article in Seventeen Magazine, “As a news anchor, you will start your day by reading all the papers and wires to find out everything that has happened in the past 24 hours” (Cahn). In other words, these anchors read and research the information ahead of time. As a result, news anchors are showing that they are prepared for what is to come next. Reading, practicing, and memorizing lines are all important aspects of the day-to-day life of a news anchor. This not only shows the viewers that the news anchors are prepared, but also that they are communicating professionally throughout the broadcast.
While communicating may seem to be the, “Most important part,” of being a television news anchor, some say the, “Best part,” is that they are practically small-scaled celebrities! However, this can be a disadvantage as well. Not only are the news anchors being watched by many viewers on T.V., but they are also being watched closely and judged by critics outside of the...

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