Some Current Dimensions Of Applied Behavior Analysis

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There are many things to learn from this article written by Donald Baer, Montrose Wolf, and Todd Risley. It is a very informing article in which you can learn about the current dimensions of applied behavior analysis. The seven dimensions mentioned are: applied, behavioral, analytic, technological, conceptually systematic, effective, and generality.
The applied dimension of applied behavior analysis is determined by how much society is interested in the problem being studied. Which means that if it is not important to man and/or society it is not a behavior society is interested in. There is typically a close relationship between the behavior and stimuli under study and the subject in whom they are studied. For example, eating as it relates to metabolism versus eating as it relates to children/ adults eating too little or too much.
The behavioral dimension goes hand in hand with pragmatism. It asks how is it possible to get a child to do something effectively. So its main focus is on what the person says or thinks not what he says about what he can do or think. Which requires precise measurement. Another important question in the behavioral dimension is to ask not just was the behavior changed but whose behavior was changed. The test- retest, and the inter- rater reliability techniques are of major importance for considering the presence of this dimension.
In the analytic dimension we are responsible for achieving control over a behavior. As said in the article it is the ability to turn the behavior on or off, or up and down, at will. The two techniques used to demonstrate consistent control are the “reversal” technique, and the “multiple baseline” technique. The reversal technique is when the experimenter applies a certain variable, the behavior is produced and when he removes the variable, the behavior is lost or diminished. The multiple baseline technique is when a number of responses are identified and measured over time to provide baselines against which changes can be evaluated; if behavior changes significantly when and only when the experimenter variable is introduced. Believability or reliability is the problem and is what must occur. We must see whether or not a certain procedure was responsible for the corresponding behavioral change. Was it the attention, approval, or the candy that reinforced the target behavior? Replication is the answer. The two forms of analysis are statistical and parametric. Statistical analysis’ judgments of results are highly qualitative, while...

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