Some First Hand Observations Of China In The Run Up To The Beijing Olympics

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In 2008, less than 20 years after the Tiananmen Massacre, Beijing will stage the Olympic Games. To compare this prestigious awarding of a fascist regime to that of a previous one is unfair; the 1936 games in Berlin was awarded before Hitler came to power. China today is a posterboy for fascism, a model working definition of those governments I refer to in my history class, where a one-party dictatorship employs a market economy and controls a large number of state corporations. Even if the IOC had misgivings about fascists staging the games in 1936, it has none now; it cares about money.The IOC doesn't care about the rights and wrongs of a country killing its own citizens without the chance to defend themselves. It cares about money.The IOC doesn't care about human rights. It wants money.According to the United Nations, 16 of the 20 most polluted cities are in China, with Beijing perhaps the most polluted of all capitals.The IOC didn't care about the welfare of its athletes in Atlanta in 1996 when it forced them to run the marathon in 40C+ weather nor does it care now. It cares about money.No other capital city permits its citizens to breathe the filthiest air in the world and drink the most contaminated water anywhere from rivers that bubble and stink. But the IOC doesn't care about the host citizens' health. It cares about money.The red of the Chinese flag does not stand for the ideal of revolution from the time of the Paris commune r current communist party flag but instead to the dominant race: the Han. While lip service is paid to its (NUMBER) other nationalities, any autonomy or is superceded to the needs of the Han.The IOC doesn't care about such oppression and cultural genocide. It cares about money.Just like me.AutocracyWhen the counterrevolution finally comes, I bet it'll be over cars. 1400 new cars arrive on Beijing's streets. A DAY!The curbs are high in Beijing. You won't find slopes or slanted paths leading the old or crippled from the chaotic street to the safety of the pavement. China ignores its most disadvantaged. Millions living in abject poverty while the government spends $3 billion on an opera house. The 7% of the country able produce food for 1.3 billion people now shrinking due to the relentless rate of desertification, and yet $3 billion had been earmarked to send a rocket sporting the Chinese flag around the earth 14 times, using the same technology the now defunct Soviet Union used for the same feat four decades previously. Just on the outskirts of Beijing rises the Chateau Zhang Laffitte, a carbon-copy of the original 1650 Château Maisons-Laffitte on the Seine using the same white Chantilly stone. Hundreds of peasants were thrown off their land to allow one man to spend $50 million to build. A country that denies the most basic rights to its most vulnerable (and hence among the world's most vulnerable) to increase the wealth of its minorities sounds like a throwback to the KMT...

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