The Benefits Of A College Education And Obtaining A College Degree

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Going to college versus joining the full-time workforce immediately following high school, has always been a long debated topic. After much research, it has been tested and proven that obtaining an Associate or Bachelor’s degree is most beneficial; because a higher education increases employment opportunities, which can result in greater achievements and success. From social-economic status, to being personally pleased and proud in one self; acquiring a college degree has proven to positively affect every aspect of life.
As more jobs that do not require a college degree becomes available, people are led to believe that the benefits of a college degree are dwindling. Though this is true, the benefits of having a college degree still remain. The very purpose of a college education is to empower students with life skills that will enable them to contribute positively to society. While it is true obtaining a degree does not guarantee a successful career; most high paying and powerful careers require a degree through higher education, therefore it does increase the chances of employment significantly.
Some may people argue, not acquiring a degree is more time efficient, less expensive, and allows for making money faster; oppose to attending college for two (2) or more years, to start making money. However consumer reports asserts, investing in education to be the best investments, because it act as lifetime insurance that some knowledge was acquired. A degree represents a solid educational foundation and the completion of advance course in a specific field of study. From the beginning of college in Medieval times and Old Greece, only the educated citizens were a part of the higher class. Due to their knowledge they were treated with great respect and given much authority. In...

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