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The Benefits Of Hunting Essay

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On a cold autumn day, I sat on a ridge overlooking a peaceful valley. The morning passed by with nothing eventful occurring. However, as the day dragged on it began to snow, and with the snow came fog. It was next to impossible to see fifty yards in front of me. Disappointed I began to pack up and head for home. About fifteen minutes into my walk home, the snow subsided and fog dissipated. I began to walk more consciously knowing that it had approached the best time of the evening for spotting game, and the weather had decided cooperate with me. As I rounded a corner in the trail, I stopped in my tracks. Up on the side hill I spotted what I had been looking for all day, a monster buck. I quickly, but stealthily reached for my rifle then dropped to the ground. I fumbled to attach the shooting sticks, but I finally succeeded. I steadied myself, and found the buck in my cross hairs, I squeezed the trigger. BANG! The recoil knocked me off my target, but I quickly recovered and to my astonishment I missed! I quickly reloaded and fired off another shot. Thankfully this time, the buck stopped in its tracks… dead. As I packed the deer out, I was tickled pink because today, I had a successful hunt. Hunting is a sport that is loved by some, overlooked by many and opposed by few. In the world today the popularity of hunting has declined by an astonishing amount, and now more than ever people are opposing hunting. We as a people cannot let that occur; hunting plays a vital role in our nation because it benefits the economy, conservation efforts, and animal populations.
Just like any other sport in America there are people who actively participate in hunting. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife about four percent of the United States population hunt that amounts to about12.5 million people. ("Hunting statistics and Economies”)These 12.5 million hunters support the economy through buying a variety of item like: guns, bows, clothes, vehicles, ammunition, gas, food, hunting dogs and tags. Through purchasing these items, all the hunters in America spent a total of twenty four point seven billion dollars in two thousand and one. Hunters alone spent six hundred and five million dollars on their hunting dogs in 2001, which is ninety-two million dollars more than skiers spent on their skiing equipment. On average a single hunter spends approximately one thousand nine hundred and seventy-six dollars on hunting every year. The money that is spent by hunters supports over half a million jobs. ("Economic Importance of Hunting in America" 1-11)
The image of the typical American hunter was once an image of a respectable person, unfortunately, it has now decayed to an image of a group of drunken bums driving around in the forest shooting anything and everything they see. Why in some instances this may be true, it is more of an exception than a rule, in fact many hunters actually stand for and support conservation efforts. For many, this may seem like an...

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