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The Advantages Of Using The Interactive Whiteboard In The Classroom

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The interactive whiteboard has been in use in the corporate arena for many years and has been successful in making impact on customers through a seamless presentation of data. The interactive whiteboard has made a jump to the classroom and has been able to have just as significant of an impact but for many different reasons. The interactive whiteboard has become a tool to engage students, provide for student involvement in the learning process and has generally made learning more fun for both teacher and student. There are many articles about the use of interactive whiteboards and there have been researchers throughout the world measuring the benefits that these boards are providing to the impact of learning and delivery of knowledge.
Research provided in the literature was done mostly with primary school aged children and completed using different areas of the curriculum. The research placed interactive whiteboards in a classroom with a projector and computer with the location being that of a typical whiteboard in the front of the classroom. The interactive whiteboards provide the opportunity to provide the curriculum to the student while interacting with the material and the teacher. Additional research from the literature was completed with pre-service teachers in Australia. They were pre-service primary education teachers studying the area of science education.
In the article by Chris Preston and Lee Mowbray (2008) a kindergarten classroom was the choice of installation of the interactive hardware. The justification for using this technology with Kindergarten children was their short attention span and the ability of the interactive whiteboard to keep them actively involved promoting learning (Preston and Mowbray 2008). This research found that the best practice for using the interactive whiteboard was to have both student and teacher gathered around the board engaging in group activity. The study had found that in most cases the teacher did most of the interaction with the whiteboard while the students sat in their seats watching what the teacher was doing, losing the effectiveness of having the student actively engage by completing activities on the whiteboard as well. The students of this age group also benefit from scaffolding which is provided by the interactive whiteboard (Preston and Mowbray 2008).
The interactive whiteboard, as found by Preston and Mowbray (2008), is an effective tool for assessment of students prior knowledge by having them demonstrate understanding of concepts during pre-lesson activities. This demonstration also relates to post-lesson activities that ask the child to further demonstrate concepts learned without the use of highly developed reading and writing skills (Preston and Mowbray 2008). This assessment can be done as both formative and summative in nature and lends itself well to the sciences as it does not require the length of a full experiment to demonstrate knowledge. This technology...

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