The Benefits Of Obama Care Are Greater Than The Costs

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as Obama Care has been put into place to transfer the cost of healthcare from employers to the government. Employer provided insurance is common place in America. Nearly 60% of the American public utilizes insurance provided by their employer (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services). Since the proposal of the PPACA it has been surrounded by much controversy concerning the constitutionality of the bill.
During the industrial stages of the nation came the passage of strict labor laws, regulated minimum wage, and health coverage became a perk offered by employers to build a dependable workforce. Healthcare was readily available before the concept of globalization occurred and made it less realistic for an employer to keep supporting the overhead of health care rising prices while competing with other countries that do not provide healthcare or have to adhere to minimum wage guidelines. Companies in the US have been driven to cut spending in order to stay competitive with companies producing similar products in other nations.
Global economy has had a huge impact on healthcare and the people it is available to. Companies have been gradually paying less and less towards their employee’s healthcare which in turn has made insurance too costly for the average employee to continue the same amount of healthcare coverage. While companies have been lessening their contribution to employee health benefits insurances have continually raised their prices. In the recent years between 2001 and 2007 the cost of health care premiums has escalated almost 80% (Health Care Marketplace Project, 2008).
To understand the dispute surrounding the constitutionality of Obama Care we must first examine the context in which the federal government is using to make policy to regulate healthcare. When the constitution was enacted the goal of the US was to remove itself out from under the rule of a tyrant ruling power. Every part of the constitution was written to support a heavily divided government. The concept behind having so much representation was to guarantee difficulty in reaching a consensus therefore limiting the power of the government. When the constitution was created the Interstate...

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