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The Benefits Of Our Government Essay

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The Benefits of Our Government

The monstrous nature of government is evident to the everyday citizen. It is monstrous to oppress the poor and minorities and it is certainly monstrous to declare war on another country and inflict pain and suffering on its people. Yet it is also obvious to the every day citizen that government is necessary to preserve order. Without law or law enforcement, criminals would roam the streets and wreak havoc. Without a military, other countries would invade us violently. Thus, government is a monstrous institution that preserves order in a potentially horrific manner.

Government has a tendency to become monstrous in two ways. One is that it needs to maintain order within the country, which often comes at the expense of the environment and the lower classes. The other way that government has a tendency to act monstrously is toward other governments in a struggle for world power. The desire for world power is a form of mimetic desire that causes countries to commit monstrous acts toward each other in order to gain or preserve status in the world.

Monsters of myths are chaotic, yet necessary for order. An analysis of them in myths such as Enumu elish reveals that the monsters symbolize the monstrous nature that governments take on to fulfill their duty to preserve order. Without chaos monsters to sacrifice, order would never prevail over chaos. Similarly, without government to order society and protect its citizens from chaos, there would be war as a result of selfish desires.

Thus, we are faced with the inevitability of living under a corrupt and monstrous government. Ritual serves as a reminder that the monster exists, and ritual sacrifice reminds us that monsters are quite frequently sacrificed for the benefit of society. However, the sacrifice of the monstrous government creates chaos that ends only by establishing a new government that will end up being just as monstrous. Therefore, citizens must come to the understanding that in order to prevent government from becoming too monstrous, it is the monstrous nature of the individual that must be sacrificed. The more people sacrifice their own desires for the benefit of others, the more the positive effects of a necessarily monstrous government outweigh the negative effects.

The idea that monsters are chaotic yet necessary for order is revealed quite consistently in a wide variety of myths. Chaos monsters or chaos is necessary for God or the gods to create an orderly world. Thus, chaos monsters are ironically essential to order. Chaos and order go hand and hand. Without chaos, there could be no order. To preserve order, there must be something to monstrously combat chaos. That something is government. Thus, the idea behind government, the preservation of order, only works if it becomes a monstrous institution that uses chaos to fight chaos. Of course, the problem is that it is hard to tell the difference between government’s need...

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