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The history of pornography is as old as time. The word “pornography” derives from the Greek words for “sexual slave”, “harlot”, and “description of”. Originally, it was a mean for describing scenarios of sexual slavery or the purchase of sex from women, both of which involve an imbalance of power, mostly between men and women. (Carse) In the earlier times, pornography focused on standards of abuse and degradation rather than on the goal of eliciting pleasure from the viewer. Because of this, there was an early emphasis in the inequality of the sexes and the subordination of women depicted in pornography. In short, according to Andrea Dworkin, “pornography is simply one of the grosser manifestations of the male will to power.”
In the United States, there is a strong feminist objection to pornography. It is not based on purity, but rather the fact that it represents the hatred of women, and that its intent is to “humiliate, degrade, and dehumanize the female body for the purpose of erotic stimulation and pleasure.” (Brownmiller) In modern pornography, there are examples of over exaggerated forms of; the male and especially the female body and sexual scenarios. This issue brings up uneasiness among American women in regards to their sexuality, with nonconformity, with the existence of marginal groups and behaviors, and with “deviant” practices. (Heartney) Any type of pornography text, even the most “correct”, contains a distorted image of the social and sexual relations between men and women of the society in which it takes place.
On the other hand, there are those who believe that pornography is a necessary evil. While it may be somewhat of an inaccurate display of sexual interaction, pornography is a forum of the persuit of kinds of knowledge that are otherwise foreclosed by our culture. (Sontag) Sexuality, even in this day and age, remains a taboo topic. Through pornography, we are exposed to the modern person’s unmet need for the experience of erotic desire. We cannot forget that pornography is a reminds of parodied realities. There is always an element of the untidy nature of the human personality, of the shifting and unpredictable nature of power within society and within personal relationships, of the unresolved tensions and inequalities created by differences among all humans alike.
Over the years, pornography has received a bad reputation for causing people to become sex-crazed maniacs through erotic images put on screen. Contrary to those beliefs, pornography does not foster sexual perversion, but rather enables people to explore their own sexuality at their discretion. One could use the pornography to figure out the sex they are attracted to without being ridiculed by outside parties, or research sex positions without seeking the help of a prostitute. More and more people are starting to accept porn and use it for its beneficial purposes. Pornography has become such a big part of our culture that the public opinion of pornography...

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