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The Benefits Of Sport Education Essay

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When it comes to teaching, there are many different ways and types of methods you can use to teach your students. One of the most common ways of teaching is by using Sport Education. This type of teaching style is best used for elementary students. According to Daryl Siedentop, a professor from Ohio State University believes that class should teach kids about skills, teamwork, and the importance behind each sport or activity. Sport Education recreates the meaning behind gym class.

Sport Education is physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs. It usually makes the kids want to be competitive with one another and it teaches them the importance of a winner and loser. This type of teaching method helps students learn how to play sports and gets them involved. The earlier you start using this method, the earlier the children learn the basic functions and skills behind activities. When children start to understand the sport or activity that is being taught, they will want to start doing more activities in and outside of the classroom. Sports are a very important in a persons life because it keeps you involved, physically fit, healthy, and it shows the importance of competition and teamwork.

The main goals behind Sport Education are to help students become knowledgeable about different sports and activities to the point where they can participate in these outside of the classroom to stay active. Also it teaches execution and strategies and encourages competitiveness. It is important for kids to be competitive because they will have to be in life and it will teach the importance of winning and losing the right way. “Sports offer kids a great chance to work cooperatively toward a common goal. And working cooperatively in a competitive atmosphere is the environment youngsters will enter as adults.” (“Sport Parent” 16) Sport Education also exploits students to new games and challenging sports that they will want to participate in. The main goal overall is to develop competent, literate, and enthusiastic sports people.

When Sport Education is properly taught, it has many benefits that are important and beneficial to a student. It helps create a basic understanding of new games, activities, and physical skills. It also gets all the students to be involved and wanting to participate in class. It encourages students to join extracurricular activities and promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle for all the students who are involved. Since this type of teaching style is used for many different age groups, the games could be modified to the level of students involved and the pace is determined. This creates authentic, positive, educationally rich, long lasting sport experiences.

In Sport Education there are six characteristics that are used to enhance sporting authenticity in physical education. Seasons, affiliation, formal competition, culminating events, keeping records, and festivity are all involved. Festivity is...

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