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Ethical issues are currently not taught in a consistent or logical way across different sectors in Victorian schooling system. The ethical issues of this time are often those that centre on a constitutional right. They affect most citizens, and by studying them we come up with our own opinion, as a young generation, preparing us for a fair and just future. These issues includes abortion, one-child policy, gay marriage, euthanasia and many more. By studying things like this, especially from a younger age, more confidence is born in us and saying what we believe to be ethically correct according to our beliefs, traditions and laws of now and the future day and age will come easily to us. It is these skills that we need to practice from a younger age before beginning our journey in this labouring world. Ethics classes should be about learning how to think. It is specifically about critical thinking and learning how best to act in situations by looking at the other options. It teaches empathy and an awareness of situations around the students, as well as within the community. It should be considered a priority, something essential to learn before finishing our school life and starting our own. Teaching ethics will bring forth valuable skills from which all children/students can benefit from once learning about them during their younger years.

Touching on the concepts of rights, law, justice, religious based morality will achieve the goal of members of this society to consider personal and social issues and choices from within an ethical decision-making framework.

By building an ethical decision-making frame in the students throughout their school life, they will then continue on to consider personal and social issues and choices of their own. The way to teach these sort of topics should acknowledge and value the range of opinions that will be formed from it as well as enable open discussions. Such an environment should be built so that young people feel respected and safe when learning of some of these heart-touching issues of the world. In most religion classes ‘ethics’ is come across as only a small part of the curriculum. Abortion for example, is usually touched on in religious studies, but is of real relevance to especially the young people. Discussing this issue specifically, in a constructive way can equip them with the skills and knowledge to stay informed and make healthy decisions in their lives. These classes that we do have should lead to providing a range of examples from clear black-and-white issues down to the shadiest-of-grey scale, where the students have to really think about what is right or wrong, and justify their answer.

There are so many issues in this society itself that a lot of youth are quite unaware of because of not having learnt it. It is true that we are told to look at the news, to read, but the truth behind the stories; its upbringing and its debates, will help us to base our opinions when reading...

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