The Advantages Of Video Games Essay

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The video game phenomenon is somewhat new in this modern society. Despite being designed
for entertainment, in the recent years the content has become more violent and disturbing.
Due to the increasing popularity of these violent videogames, there has also been an increase
of controversy regarding the negative effects these games have on people’s minds. Concerned
parents and experts think that these games are too violent, which has led to demands made
towards the government to control the sales of these games. However it is also strongly
believed that video games do not cause an increase of aggression in adolescents.

What the media ignores are the many positive effect of videogames we cannot find in other
forms of media. Parents, experts and other individuals should stop being afraid of video games
and instead should try to consider the positives of this underappreciated medium. Surveys
show that 90% of children in the UK play video games and 70% of the heads of household also
play video games. This means that the average age of gamers is 33(Bavelier, TED). Society is
changing and games are becoming not only a key part in entertainment but also in education
and child development.

Millennials, Individuals born between 1978 and 2000 (Madland 2), grew up playing video
games. These individuals mostly grew up playing the arcade and home video game systems also
known as platforms, such as Atari, Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation and computers, were already
popular before they began school. These individuals have participated in the technological
revolutionthat followed such games as Pong (released by Atari in 1973) all the way to the
games we see today such as, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft. By
contrast, games like BioShock are fast-paced and full of realistic scenery and characters. There
are dozens of genres of video games, but most can be split into several broad categories, the
most controversial of which are first person shooters (FPS). These games use the perspective of
the character being played; pulling the gamer from the more remote view referred to as third
person view. Some of the most controversial video games are also the ones with the greatest
potential benefits. Fast-paced, FPS like BioShock Infinite, Halo, and Doom, HalfLife,
Borderlands and third-person equivalents like Dragon Age, Mass Effecthave all been accused of
being too violent, but thebenefits gamers gain from playing them are astounding. There have
been incidents in the past, where individuals associated with video games have purposely
harmed another human being, this has led to negative opinions towards games. A good
example would be last year’s incident in the US where an individual who played strategy and
communication games like Mass effect and StarCraft 2 went on a killing spree and it was
instantly pinned on these non-violence inducing games. While these games do portray some
violent scenes they are less...

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