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The Benefits Of Hot Water Heaters

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The water heater is very important because it supplies heat to the whole house. The benefits between hybrid water heaters and solar water heaters are they both have cash incentives which help homeowners save money and they both save resources.
There are many benefits of using solar water heaters. Sunlight is free and environmentally friendly and this planet has so much to use(“Getting better acquainted”). The sun’s energy is renewable, suns energy is all over the world (“Getting better acquainted”). Solar energy has many uses, and it can be stored and used. “Solar energy can be used in many ways to provide heat, lighting, mechanical power, and electricity” (“Getting Better Acquainted”). New steps are being made in solar technology to save resources. America will save so much money and many barrels of oil by switching to solar power, “Skyrocketing fuel prices and tax credit of nearly 30% established in the energy policy act of 2005”(“Tapping into the sun”). The solar water system won’t cost much only “$3000 to $6000” (“Tapping into the sun”) so it will be affordable. “The technology can cut the average family’s costs to heat water by 20 to 40 percent (as much as 90% in some southwestern regions)”(“Tapping into the sun”).
Solar water heaters work by using energy from the sun. There are two types of systems for solar water heaters, an open system and a closed system (“Tapping into the Sun”). These systems depend on the type of climates they are installed in (“Tapping into the Sun”). Open systems are worth the installation if the weather is year round sunny, closed systems are better if the weather gets cold. The water cannot be run during winter so the system will be switched to fuel and in the summertime when it is warm, so the system will be switched to solar. An “open system is simple. Open systems send water directly to a storage tank and to fixtures” (“Tapping into the Sun”). This system saves energy by running all the time, but it is vulnerable to freeze damage (). One of the systems is a batch collector the Cusp “Reflector on a batch system focuses the sun’s rays on the storage tank heating the water in it. It's a simple and direct system” (“Tapping into the sun”). Thermosiphon Collector is another system that is generally installed in the attic (). This water heater is used when there is not enough room in the house for a water heater. Another way of controlling water is the closed system. “A closed system is more complicated than an open system. One advantage: the storage tank helps the system adapt to varying demands for hot water posed by laundry or bathing” (“Tapping into the sun”). A drainback system is the type of system that doesn’t always run water because of the temperature you will have to shut off the pipes. “A drainback system can use photovoltaic controllers that increase pump speed to match sun brightness. These systems drain automatically into the tank at night and during freezing temperatures” (“Tapping into the sun”). ...

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