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Some Kind Of Essay

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The poem, "o captain my captain" by Walt Whitman re-imagines the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Walt Whitman, has a patriotic attitude towards this poem as he describes Abraham Lincoln and all that he did for America by using imagery to develop a scene similar to the reality. The poet conveys his deep admiration for the achievements of Abraham Lincoln. The poet shares his form by using a physical way of laying out and her attitude through the use of sound devices such as the iambic meter and the use of amphibrach.

Whitman uses the iambic meter of his poem to convey the intensity of his admiration for Abraham Lincoln. He uses mainly iambic meter in his poem but breaks from it when ...view middle of the document...

" This quote explains the sudden death of a great nationalist and has no chance of survival. It also gives reader an insight into how the people on the shores are desperately waiting for the captains arrival and celebrate after his heroic and an epic voyage but at the end, all their celebrating of joyfulness turns in a misery like a shadow dismembering the bright light. The poets view of his admirer in this poem, the captain, is very patriotic as the captain went through an monumental voyage and prevailed victorious even after his death. The effective words used to describe the captain's death creates an unsettled and rather heartbreaking atmosphere among the reader and the characters in the situation.

Whitman uses the physical structure to explain the form of his poem. The layout of the poem comprises the differentiate of emotions, in every new stanza. Stanza one spreads out to convey the poet's joy and happiness. He is so happy that he can't be contained. "The prize we sought is won, the port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting." (Whitman, line 2)The poet is trying to share his cheerful moments of overcoming a deadly voyage and the joyful expression of the people on shores, awaiting for the captain to celebrate for his courageous act. In stanza two, the speaker is desperately trying to wake the captain up. He is so concerned and upset about the captains sudden collapse therefore the layout and the positioning of this stanza reflects the speakers shift in emotions, from happy to anxiousness.
"Here captain! Dear father! this arm beneath your head! " (Whitman, lines 9 and 10). The speaker's regretful emotions of the sudden fall of the captain are trying to convey the readers attention on how close, the captain was attached to him. The use of the quote "dear father" is very cleverly used by the poet as it is trying to convey the reader of the fact that how much pain it feels to see a father figure collapse suddenly just like that. "This arm beneath your head," is a...

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