Some Lead, Some Follow, Others Change The World

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When being asked which Civil Rights activist of the movement was most effective, the answer is quite obvious. This movement originated due to what is called “Jim Crow” laws. These laws suggested that everyone is separate but equal. Otherwise became blindingly apparent when African Americans were subdued by whites in various ways. For example, the justice system always considered the case of white man over a black one. Also, an African American facility was certainly not comparable to the superior quality of White’s. Soon, organizations began to form in attempts to stop this unjust treatment. One man in particular stands out the most throughout this movement of change: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s form of protesting was the more effective than activist Malcolm X and was the reason for the majority of success during the Civil Rights movement. This is because Malcolm X’s cause would only slow progress during the movement, Martin Luther King Jr. had more authority, and he understood that peaceful protesting is the very genesis of redefining a nation.
Malcolm X’s cause did not support any advancement in the Civil Rights movement. If anything, his efforts deterred any progress by encouraging separation. Malcolm X looked up to the Black Muslim leader Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad’s campaign was based around whites being “descended from the devil” and “being born to harm blacks”. Malcolm soon adopted and idolized this ideology that not only reached toward separate nations, but frightened whites. Considering this, the group the Black Panthers in which Malcolm X formed later on created their own schools, businesses and newspapers in order to further segregate themselves from whites. This group was encouraged by the idea of living without white Americans. Not only did Malcolm X and his followers find it necessary to become their own nation of Americans, they found it useless to protest with any organization that would do so peacefully. The Black Panthers refused to join forces with the Congress of Racial Equality because they did not use forceful tactics. Malcolm X and the Black Panthers were anything but helpful in the fight for racial equality.
Martin Luther King Jr. was much more successful as an activist than Malcolm X. What Martin Luther King Jr. had that Malcolm X was without was a steady basis for campaigning. King had a stable background that gave his words authority and credibility. First of all, he was a pastor, just as many men in his family were. He preached to families of hopefuls and brought upon the tone of commitment to the locals. Instantly, this man was looked up to. Being a pastor would later give him the leadership role of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. African American churches were the very backbone of success for the Civil Rights movement. They gave a safe, organized space for activists to meet and plan protests that would later end segregation. Also, Martin Luther King had a sound background of...

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