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The Indian subcontinent is a land of magical landscape, and searing hot food. You could clean your tongue of the flaming capsaicin (The chemical that makes peppers hot) in the sacred Ganges, or go hide away from the food in the Eastern or Western Ghats. Whichever you prefer, India has it in full stock. Now come along, follow the intriguing landscape of the Indians, and munch on burning food until the sacred cows come home.

The cuisine of India is a complex and spicy blend of foods that Americans fail to replicate. The hot food out there starts with a healthy breakfast, with tea and Roti, or an Indian flat bread. As you cruise to lunch, more zesty eats come into play. Litti Chokha is ...view middle of the document...

Apparently, the cow is sacred to the Hindus, so don't let them see you eat it! Then, the ever loving, not spicy dessert. Enjoy a medley of foods to die for. Like the stupidly named barfi it is a cake made from milk or cashews and is served with tin foil that you can consume! What an invention! But for those who despise milk and cashews, or don't feel comfortable eating tin foil, there's Imarti. Imarti is a dried Urad flour that is shaped like a circular flower and then drenched in sugary syrup. Yum! After that, you go to bed with your stomach on fire, and your taste buds burnt to a crisp!

The beautiful landscape of India is breath-taking and amazing. Let's start with a vertically challenged tour of the various rivers of the Indian subcontinent. The most famous river is the Ganges. This river is large, there is and very fertile soil around its banks. So incredibly dim-witted people fall for it. Each rainy season, the Ganges floods, therefore killing every plant In the vicinity. Another hazardous river is the awesome Brahmaputra. Slow and deep, each summer monsoons flood the river, and it joins the Ganges River after a long while, with a relaxed temperature of between 45 and 85 degrees. It's nice to live here, because the deep river has large fish, like a goonch catfish, their monster sized catfish that lives in the Ganges. That would provide some good, hopefully not spicy meals. Others are the Indus River. The perfect river, because it flows peacefully from the Himalayas, which...

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