Some Solutions To Prevent Bullying In Schools

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Bullying has affected the young generation constantly, becoming more aggressive later on their life. The fact that students in schools aren’t informed or taught of ways how to defend themselves is the reason of so many violent actions. The number of suicides it’s growing. The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. We can’t protect ourselves from bullying, if we aren’t informed of what it really means or how it affects us and others.
The students, the parents, and the administration of different institutions should be paying more attention on how it’s starts and the process of development. There are multiple things school staff has to do in order to make schools safer and prevent bullying. Assess school prevention and intervention efforts around student behavior, including substance use and violence. Many programs help address the same protective and risk factors that bullying programs do. Creating different tests and evaluations in all the schools to help in gathering statistics how common the issues with bullying are, and how is and where it’s most often happening.
It’s already known and proven that bullying is a problem that affects schools across the country regardless of the size. While the challenges of preventing were never taken serious, adults many times telling their children statements like, “Everyone goes through it, you need to grow up and stop complaining as a small child” (The parents of a 16 year old). Why is it that it’s considered normal to be harassed, why should this problem be a process of growing up.It’s not right, or normal to be emotionally abused even like a joke. Many times adults forget the pain or hurt, being to busy with their work and every day routine. They ignore the small signs or concern their children communicate to them, but they are very surprised if later on after two years their child takes the decision to commit suicide. Ignoring the problem because we can’t think of solutions will continue to harm others, and sometimes it can be to late. Communication between parents and teenagers is very important and it’s first step towards preventing bullying. A lot of children that can talk open with parents about their problems, have been able to avoid traumatic moments. I think parents especially this century being so busy with work, avoid communicating with their children.
The children are afraid at school to talk with the teachers if they are harassed because they are afraid that the bullying will get worse. Why would a child be afraid to talk at school or be afraid of an environment meant to be secure? Many teachers avoid dealing with bullying, not taking serious majors and expecting the students to be friends and get passed their differences. Unfortunately in most of the cases this won’t happen. Because no serious measures are taken, the bullies aren’t afraid or aware that they are transforming someone in a possible killer. In addition to the traditional methods that are used to...

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