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Some People Change: Theme Paper For Jake Reinvented

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Have you ever thought about changing your life completely around in a matter of time? Well in a matter of time you could change your life around with one small mistake in your game or when you lose your wife or have one huge win over a rival or win the lottery. In Jake Reinvented, Jake changed his whole life to try and get the girl of his dreams, Didi. Jake decided to go out for football for the first time, and throw huge parties for the school, dressed up with cooler clothes.

In Jake Reinvented, Jake Garrett changed everything about him to make sure he had made a good impression in Didi. He remembers back to his past when he use to be a math tutor for Didi when they use to go to their old school. “Jake used to go to McKinley! He was my math tutor. If it was not for him I would still be in the tenth grade.” P.42. He couldn’t remember Didi right away then she said “remember that time I had a test and we studied by the pool and you put sunscreen everywhere, but you forgot your nose.” P.43. That’s when he decided that he has to change for her now that they remember each other.

At a party when they were at Jakes they had found a t-shirt that said” Jake and Jen found a t-shirt that read McKinley math team 2001 and mathletes do it by the number that was about Jake’s size.” P.162. That’s when they started to question his past when Jen started calling him a nerd and Didi stood up for Jake. They had found his honor class awards and chess champions’ trophy, college papers, and him being a math tutor. Didi wanted to maintain her image of what she should win to her friends, by wanting to win prom queen, and being a supermodel, but around Jake she could be herself and she started to fall for him because of that. “Jakes past was when Todd started talking about how some kids for McKinley told Todd about Jake back at McKinley.” P.169 When Todd had went to a recruiting seminar he had met some of Jake’s friends from McKinley, and he had asked her about Jake, and they started to say what Todd hadn’t expected, they said that he was a nerdy little shrimp who had a protractor sticking out of his butt. Jake tried to defend himself but Todd came back and said “ Maybe that’s because you spent so much time stuffed into your locker by people who were sick of hearing about your science- fair projects and math trophies.” P.169.

Another sign of Jake changing is when he has to go to court for something you...

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