Some People Think That "Soft Sentiments" And "Romantic Words" Are Essential Ingredients In Love Poetry. How Do Three Or Four Poems Show Different Approaches To Writing About Love?

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Plan of EssayPoems to include are The Beggar Women, Our Love Now, and To His Coy Mistress.Demure = to Coy = to Shy = To His Coy Mistress.Banal = Common place = conventional = stereotypical = clichéHow is equal to the language used by the poet.Different kinds of love include:Two poems are similar that they both in love in the cliché way or have been in love in this way the poems involved include To His Coy Mistress and Our Love Now.A separate poem that there is no such love involved it is on a matter of sex and sexual morals.Different ways writing about love include:Our Love Now: Language and style written from left to right positive to negative the male character having the positive idea about the relationship and the women having the negative idea about the relationship depending on an ambiguous situation before the poem was written.*To His Coy Mistress: Language and style written using rhyming couplets Which then in turns adds to the humorous tone which makes the women's point of view sound silly that she doesn't wish to lose her virginity before marriage. Its style is one of a well planned out argument by Andrew Marvell. It begins sowing the stereotypical ideas of a love poem that the male character, feel the female character would like to hear. The second section changes tack where the tone is some what spiteful, much more to the point so the women finds out what her lover really wants from her (sex). In the final section the argument comes to a conclusion where the male character sums up his argument hoping the mistress will see his point of view using euphemisms for having sex and giving birth so to sound more subtle to his amorous bird of prey.The Beggar Women: Uses heroic couplet 10 syllables per line which adds to the humour and flow of the poem. The humour is added into the trick that the female character shows on the gentleman (he's left holding the baby) The underlining moral shows that this relationship is not about love but about the need for sex and the lengths some ignorant upper class people may go to for this but that in the end it's the ignorance that is shown to be wrong. The underlining moral message is "think of the consequences of sex before committing the act". Sex should be within a loving stable relationship where any surprise is a good one.Similarities between modern and old poems: There was still the idea of men only wanting women for sex even before 1900 even though you may not expect it because most women are married at this time and it was unheard of to make advances to married women. In both the pre 19th century and today there was a suggestion of prostitution. The idea that even in the pre 19th century era women could have the upper hand over men. In the 20th century poem our love now the women has the upper hand as she end the relationship making the first move, like the two pre 19th century the beggar women she has the upper hand as her morals overcome the gentleman's ignorance of disregarding sex...

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