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Reasons Why It Is Necessary For Non Music Students Can Appreciate Classical Music

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I heard music concert at University of Macao Cultural Centre by Macao Orchestra. Although I am not talented in music, I still felt interesting and appreciated at this concert. After this concert, I started thinking why I should appreciate classical music because the music concert I heard was talking about classical music. With reference to Chapter 1 ‘Musical Values’ of Nicholas Cook’s Music: A Very Short Introduction and taking one of the pieces performed in the concert as example. The book showed me three reasons of why it is necessary for non-music students as well as the general public of Macau to appreciate classical music. I found some Idea and concept I never thought about and now I consider it is deserved for me to consider its values with details.
The book talked about authenticity in music. I thought that is one of most important reason we should appreciate classical music. As everyone knows, serious music is not easy to understand for some people who are not talented in music or not always listening serious music. Just like the first music of this concert-長城, this music was introduced by conductor. He said the low pitch sound is represented back, gray and not shining color and high pitch sound is represented red and shinning color. The entire music is indicated someone is drawing or painting the picture ‘長城’. However, after this short introduction, I focused on its low pitch sound and high pitch sound and the comparison with high pitch sound and low pitch sound. After listening, I knew low pitch sound represented intense and darksome line in picture. After that, all instruments performed the climax of the music step by step and high pitch sound represented bright line in picture. Moreover, that music showed us how to draw a picture by music, the fantastic idea I haven’t thought. Actually, this sound drew a beautiful picture for me without any paintbrushes and pigments. So that this classical music is natural and sometime we can feel it is real, not only we can listen it, but also we can see it.
I totally agree with one sentence in this book: rather what it is about music that enables it to be used this way – which is as much as to say, what it is about music that makes it matter to us in the way it does. I recognized a very...

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