A World Geography Essay About Religion Based In Entertainment, Politics, And Education.

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Religion in the USAThere are currently 2.1 billion Christians in America; it contributes to 33% of the worlds religions with many different branches. Other high ranking religions are: Islam, Hinduism, and Chinese traditional religion. A majority of these religions people live in America, and most all political leaders have been Christian. Christianity, along with many other religions, also contributes to things such as: Entertainment, Politics, and Education. Each of these topics has examples and many have struck controversy, especially with Education and Politics.As stated above, a great majority of political leaders are Christian. This greatly changes the coarse of bills and other laws trying to be passed. This is because some are not morally right with their religion. This may put politicians in wrong spots because they may be criticized and protested against because of the way they voted.A good example of this is passing gay marriage. If you did not know, Christianity finds homosexuality a sin and is immoral to their religion. This interferes with people's right to do what they wish, and in my belief, is unconstitutional. In a recent poll it stated that 50% of people were unfavorable to gay marriage, 32% of politicians were also unfavorable to homosexuality, saying it was wrong and should not be passed. The highest acceptance rate for homosexuality is the religion of Protestants, contributing to most of the 32% of the acceptance rate and 50% regular people.Abortion is also a big issue trying to be decided by politicians. They feel that it is wrong to kill a defenseless baby that has no say in their own life and death, which is understandable. But, they have passed bills, stating that they condone large families, giving them more support than normal sized families. They did this because the Pope has stated that large families should be embraced and given more support, and a majority of politicians do listen to him.Separation of church and state, religion will not be taught in school. Do you think that holds true in today's education like it should? We'll believe it of not God is still quite noticed in schools today, through things like prayer, studies, and moments of silences and prayers for people.The pledge of allegiance is a big issue in schools today. The main reason that this is a problem because the two words in it that says "Under God." Recently, many different groups, such as the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and Atheist, and other religious groups have hit educational places saying it is unconstitutional to be talking about God in public schools. Students have stopped saying it, or schools all together have stopped doing the Pledge of Allegiance, in fear of persecution or protest against them. But, beyond all the controversy most students still do the pledge and do it proudly because they are happy for their country.Also, classes have been started for the purpose of teaching the bible to students. Currently, in AP English in...

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