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Some Steps To Build A Effective Team.

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A famous basketball player, Michel Jordan said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. It means that working as a group can create bigger results than endeavoring alone. However, unfortunately it doesn’t mean that teamwork is always success. A lot of team projects fail because team members don’t know how to do teamwork well. In fact, most of effective teams have some common features in team working process. To sum up, there are three procedures which can be useful to make a superb group.
To create an excellent team, the first step should be building the group to have a high level of unity. According to Jan Warren Duggar at Holy family university, a development of shared target in team can improve productivity by promoting strong partnership, personal effectiveness and morale. There are three processes to build a united team. integrity. First, a team has to determine who will be the leader of the team. The team leader is like a captain of the ship which goes on voyage. The team leader helps the team not diverge from the originally planned goal and encourage members to achieve the goal that is set. Therefore setting an appropriate captain is crucial. After deciding the captain, a task force should determine a combined goal of the team. A project group needs to have shared objective because a team with united aim can concentrate energy to their goal and focused effort can bring success. Finally, a team should define clear-cut roles to its members. If there is no role allocation, a lot of duties will not be finished as no one has the responsibility to finish the tasks. As a result, the team may meet crisis in moving forward.
To form an outstanding team, the second step should be developing a vital and organic team. Vital and organic team can contemplate about troubles in more various viewpoints than an inflexible one. Therefore it has more possibility to be success. There are three factors that contribute to a vibrant project activity. First factor is when proceeding group activities, it is essential that the team should not avoid a conflict. Many people have a misconception that to be an effective team, there should be no discord in the group and only one hundred percent of harmony is required. However, the dissension is a natural phenomenon in team activities. Moreover, the strife boosts vigorous exchange of opinions which can produce good results as many good solutions appear...

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