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Some Stereotypical Jobs For Woman Essay

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A woman’s only job is to stay at home, take care of her family, and pleasure her man. What is a man’s job? “Men, they do everything,” quoted a fellow male classmate, “Men get the real money.” But it is the twenty-first century! Women are no longer expected to stay at home; they have taken roles as teachers, doctors, C.E.O.s, part of the military, and the list goes on. As for men, it is now acceptable for them to stay at home, take care of their families or even become nannies and nurses. Will Meek, creator of website “Psychology of Men”, defined gender role as a set of attitudes, behaviors, and self-presentation methods ascribed to members of a certain biological sex. Gender roles have ...view middle of the document...

As for men, they are expected to have jobs like becoming doctors, C.E.O.s of companies, lawyers, policemen, firemen, chefs, or professional athletes. “My brother is also a physician, and also of high standings “ (Gilman 11). This quote from Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” shows how a male has a significant, active job. Again, this is true in some cases due to the difference in mindsets, body types and strength. Nonetheless, just because a woman is a nurse does not mean a man cannot be one, and just because a man is a police officer does not mean a woman cannot be one as well. Most people can recognize these stereotypes easily; everyone has been introduced to them either through friends joking around or things posted on the Internet. It simply comes down to whether those people actually believe and live by them or not. These stereotypes had to have come from somewhere, right?
So did some sexist clowns simply make up these stereotypes for fun and everyone just decided to go along with it? Some of them are actually so absurd that this theory could be possible, but of course it’s not. These clichéd comments about how a woman belong at home and a man has to be the provider for his family exist because of societal expectations of each roles from the past. Going back in American history, women were only expected to become wives and bear children. “In short, Mrs. Pontellier was not a mother-woman . . . They were women who idolized their children, worshiped their husbands, and esteemed it a holy privilege to efface themselves as individuals and grow wings as ministering angels” (Chopin 21). Men were expected to bring pride and fortune to their families, as well as expand them.
Back in the days, a woman was a man’s accessory. She was usually treated more like an item rather than a significant other because she was to marry whomever her family ordered her to marry. She was supposed to give up her identity to reflect her husband’s identity, and also to devote herself to her family. Everything she did was supposed to make her family’s life better. "Whatever have been the cares of the day, greet your husband with a smile when he returns. Make your personal appearance just as beautiful as possible” (Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms, 1888). It didn’t really matter whether she was happy or not. A woman’s purpose in life was to obey her family and her husband’s family and make them pleased.
A man’s purpose in life was also to please his family by becoming someone important and bringing his family satisfaction and honor. They were told what to become and didn’t exactly have a choice; they had to obey by what their families wanted. In some cases, this still stands today, but some families aren’t as harsh and are a little more lenient. He was also to provide nourishment and shelter for his wife and children. Society back then would laugh and judge a man that obeys his wife and puts her before himself. They would look down...

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