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Some Two Tales Transposed Essay

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Acting with his friends and his children during the summer of 1857 in the Mr. Wilkie Collins' production The Frozen Deep, the first feeling occurred to Charles Dickens for a second historical novel. Such a tale was then a fancy, and the sadness and trouble of the winter of the year were not favorable to it. Toward the close of January 1858, talking of declining living conditions, it was again in his thoughts:Growing inclinations of a fitful and undefined sort are upon me sometimes to fall to work on a new book. Then I think I had better not worry my worried mind yet awhile. Then I think it would be of no use if I did, for I couldn't settle to one occupation--and that's all!...[he wrote three days later]...If I can discipline my thoughts into the channel of a story, I have made up my mind to get to work on one: always supposing that I find myself, on the trial, able to do well. Nothing whatever will do me the least "good" in the way of shaking the one strong possession of change impending over us that every day makes stronger; but if I could work on with some approach to steadiness, through the summer, the anxious toil of a new book would have its neck well broken before beginning to publish, next October or November. Sometimes, I think I may continue to work--sometimes, I think not.1Dickens would finally find his muse, but not for two months when, at end, he settled himself to the task he had contemplated so charily.Conveniently enough, in the major eighteenth-century circulations All the Year Round had taken the place of haughty but well-esteemed Household Words, for which Dickens held a tongue-lashed editorial seat. He resolved to publish his tale in All the Year Round for the publication's added American audience, its youthfully spry (potentially machineable) administrative staff, and mostly yet, to obtain a chief editorial position as a result of his seniority. With new motives in professional changes, Dickens wrote an endeared friend, trustworthy critic, and literary agent A. R. Lawrence.Dickens' letter expressed the intentions he had when beginning the story, and in what respect it differs in catharsis from all others previous. Accompanying the letter, Dickens sent four chapters ahead of the current publication, and profoundly hoped Lawrence might like them. So thoughtfully written, and likewise worked to its every extent, the naturalistic novel masterfully had no explicit nor reasonably implicit preoccupation with its mother pen, and much less with the man who married it, who dubbed its letters tongue firmly planted in cheek, "fledgling." Dickens started his correspondence somewhat surgically, to propose his work as if it were of no preoccupation to him only so much as it would furnish him decent fees:This is merely to certify that I have got exactly the name for the story that is wanted; exactly what will fit the opening to A Tale of Two Cities. Also, that I have struck out a rather original and bold idea. That is, at the end of each...

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