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Some Unexplainable Necessities Essay

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“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception,” stated Aldous Huxley. Cannery Row has a simple premise: Mack and his friends are trying to do something nice for their friend Doc. Mack hits on the idea that they should throw a party, and the entire community rapidly becomes involved. Unfortunately, the party rages out of control, ruining Doc's lab and home. In an effort to return to Doc's good graces, Mack and the boys decide to throw another party - but to make it work this time. A procession of linked vignettes describes the denizens' lives on Cannery Row. These constitute subplots that unfold concurrently with the main one. Three of these vignettes about Mary Talbot, the Chinaman, and Henri may appear to be added for Steinbeck’s style, caprice, and want to show the different side of his utopian world, but purposefully written to exhibit the part of a functioning society which is the unknown: a fear of change, miracles and superstitions and beliefs, and reasons for horror.
Charles Lamb once said “It is good to love the unknown.” People all over the world believe in something unexplainable. 92 percent of Americans believe in God. Most believe opening an umbrella indoors or walking under an open ladder is bad luck.—a growing collection of adherent statistics and religious geography citations—found about 1.2 billion people are nonreligious choosing to be on the border of the unknown while 2.1 billion believe in Christianity and 1.5 billion believe in Islam. Human nature demands to believe in anything for whatever reasons, yet the unexplainable has long been the safety net perceived in different ways to placate a culture. Stein beck manipulated his novels to resemble real life. The real life of human beings who grasp at anything to explain or make their lives bearable. Cannery Row was Steinbeck’s most ambiguous novel concerning emotion and message, but one thing Cannery Row exhibited excellently was show how circumstances become an allegorical representation of the evil inevitably interrupting all lives and how good can put it back on track. Mary Talbot’s purpose could be to show how innocence can be tainted but will prevail. The old Chinaman added to the local flavor of Cannery Row like a myth or something a town is known for; furthermore, the Chinaman's association with the eternal sea reminds us of the fast-paced and hilarious adventures of the Cannery Row characters are merely ripples in the vast sweep of human experience. Henri is another eccentric which one can meet in life who has a prodigal talent. Or Steinbeck modeled the book after a beloved part of his life which he spent in California; however, he wanted to present authenticity in the life of his characters: to believe in the unknown.
The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear - fear of the unknown, the complex, and the inexplicable. What he wants above everything else is safety,” Henry Mencken. A fear of...

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