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My mother, Jennifer Flynn, has served and is serving America by working for the Ohio branch of Crystal Windows as an office manager. As an only child growing up, this isn’t exactly what she pictured doing for a career. Born in Fairview Park, Ohio, into a middle class family, she always wanted to be a veterinarian, or a teacher. However, things later changed as time went on. She had lived in North Olmsted until she was five years old, then moved to Twinsburg at that time. Her father died while she was the age of six, and while he was thirty, due to kidney disease. After passing away, my grandma had starting dating and met a guy named Bill. He later became my mother’s step dad, but at the time wasn’t anything to my mother. Being wealthy he moved them into a nice house in Vermilion and they raised my mother up from that point. (Flynn, Jennifer)
At the age of nine she realized she wanted to be a secretary like her mother and this stuck with her throughout high school, where she would graduate in 1991. During her last two years of high school, she went to EHOVE Joint Vocational School (now called EHOVE Career Center), and took a class called ‘Office Specialist’ which educated her about the career she would later pursue. (Flynn, Jennifer)
Early jobs included working as a busgirl at Frosty’s Pizza at Put-In-Bay, Ohio, at the age of twelve. She would do basic tasks including collecting plates from customers, wiping tables, and washing dishes. Since Put-In-Bay is on an island, she would have to get there via boat, that her mom’s boyfriend had owned. She would work weekends only, for obvious reasons such as school and other weekly chores. At fifteen years old she had taken up a job at the ‘Beer Port’ liquor store that her mother and Bill had owned together. There she would stock the shelves, dust off bottles, straighten up the shelves, run the register when it wasn’t alcohol or tobacco related and make advertisement signs for the outside windows. After selling the Beer Port, she was employed at Rax, and just did the basic fast food worker tasks. While working at Rax she applied to Dairy Queen and got accepted so she quit and worked there for a few months. The reason she had only worked there for a few months was because she called off work one day, saying that she was sick but really was just playing hooky and hanging out with a friend. Bill found out and reported it to Dairy Queen, getting her fired. (Flynn, Jennifer)
Seventeen years old, her first real job concerning her schooling came about, at Lorain Aluminum in Sheffield Village, Ohio. She would go to school in the morning until 10:00 A.M, then would leave school to go to work until 5:00 P.M. Her tasks included payroll, accounts payable, and general ledger. Seven years into this job she was promoted to the title treasurer, where she was in charge of all of the accounting parts of the job that there was. Fifteen years into the job, which would be in 2005, the company shut down leaving my mom...

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