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Someone Who Inspitred Me Essay

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BrownBlake Brown08/19/14Someone who inspired meTHE FUNNY ABOUT THE GREATEST LESSONS THAT I HAVE LEARNED ARE FROM PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT EVEN REAL .The truth is, my life has been significantly affected not by Gandhi, and MLK, or even any other famous human. It has been affected most by a TV show character. More than 90% of the student population of this technologically exposed generation, have been influenced by television in a way or another; they are just too embarrassed or oblivious to notice or say anything about it.Naruto, a japanese-anime show that has been going on for many years now, centers on a main character, Naruto, who has continued to strive through hardships and miseries to come out on top and become the Hokage, the head and most renowned ninja of the village. Naruto has been, at least currently, the most influential person in my life, besides my parents of course. His tireless days of training, his bombastic and confident, yet sympathetic and righteous attitude are a set of values that I strive towards. I am always shy and not confident, and I always let things be, instead of trying to change them for the better. Through his hardships, I understand now that life is not meant to be lived by oneself. There are three things that a person lives for: family, community, and spiritual self. Naruto works to care for all three of them, many times risking his own life. Every time I am frustrated, in pain, or suffering in any way, I always imagine Naruto, who grew up alone and without any help or compassion from anyone.In accordance with American ideals and beliefs we all have relatively the same potentialand are virtually equal, it just all boils down to opportunity. I have none of the luxuries that many do and yet, I still manage to be at...

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