Someone The World Will Never Know

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There are an estimated 50 million abortions each year ( Although it is the mother's choice, abortion should not be legal as it ends a life, women begin to feel distressed and have many mental side effects, and adoption is another option.
First of all, abortion results in a developing human being to lose its life. An abortion declines the growing of a baby and therefore is classified as murder. The growing of a human starts out in the womb of the mother. The cells of the baby begin to multiply, symbolizing the growth of the baby which lasts nine months. The growing stage of a fetus does not mean that it is not yet a human. This situation is the same as if a toddler is ...view middle of the document...

Women that aborted their babies suffer depression due to the hormones in the body changing back to their pre-pregnancy state. The hormonal change puts women into a state of mixed emotions, and they begin to suffer depression. Depression is a direct cause of drug and alcohol abuse. When a person is in a state of depression, they will look anywhere to get out of that mental state. This concludes with the person affected by depression to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Alcohol and drugs alter your behaviour and can temporarily abolish a person's depressive state which was originally caused by an abortion. This being said, abortion directly leads to depression; which then may lead to alcohol and/or drug abuse. After an abortion, many women feel symptoms such as mixed emotions which leads to depression and may influence drug and alcohol abuse.
Last of all, adoption is a great substitution to abortion because many women are infertile and the child is able to live. In North America, approximately 10% of women have difficulty becoming pregnant or staying pregnant ( Adoption is a more...

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