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Something Really Cool And Intuitive Essay

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Historian Harry M. Marks stated, “The more we increase the number of our observations, the more do individual peculiarities, and exceptions to the general rule, disappear.” (Marks, 42) This quote was used by Marks to introduce the concept of medical practitioners and researchers on joining arms and standardizing medicine. On top of allowing people to uncover the similarities between diseases and their symptoms, standardization has worked as a bridge tool between the public and healers. Throughout history, historical figures have witnessed the increasing involvement of the public in healing, including the involvement of statistics within hospitals and diagnostic medicine. This involvement ...view middle of the document...

The lumping all the patients into broad categories was based on discerning normal versus abnormal symptoms seen between healthy and diseased patients. By using statistical analysis of general improvements, or common symptoms each individual, or ‘specialized’ patient could be placed into a broadened category, with a relatively simple diagnosis. According to Lawrence T. Weaver numerical data provided a physician with, “objective, quantifiable information beyond the medical history and physical examination that had hitherto been the foundations of clinical practice.” This observation allows us to see that this standardized numerical data provides us a baseline to understand certain diseases further. (THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH IS MARKS, 58ish area) Henry Marks shows us within his writing that standardized medicine wasn’t made simply from clinical group studies, but also the work of medical laboratories and pharmaceutical studies.
Laboratory studies are in themselves a prime example of taking away the idea of holistic medicine with the individual patient. By assuming all patients with a similar disorder will evolve symptoms in a similar way provided a strict outline to cure, or prevent a sickness from occurring. The general idea for developing new drugs within firms provided organizational success. A common theme seen in the early 20th century was the formation of hospital-business ties, which provided many research opportunities. For the most part businesses are run almost mechanically with little flexibility. This trend is also witnessed with the decreasing involvement of patient choice on their treatment. At times these hospital-business ties seemed to have a rough time gaining momentum, and popularity with patients due to the stigma placed on hospitals. The increases focus on statistics allowed hospitals to narrow treatments down to simple calculations to ensure the safest course of action for treatment was obtained. Although the first few large-scale organization attempts failed in reconstituting the idea of standardized diagnostic medicine, they paved way for a new and improved type of medicine. Jumping back, almost as far as our documented medical history will take us we can see just where diagnostic medicine started, and how exactly it transitioned to this new clinical, and standardized approach.
Hildegard of Bingen is a name that is a perfect starting position to show the individualized patient. Hildegard of Bingen lived during the early 12th century, which was a time that followed the humoral theory of medicine. Along with humoral medicine, the fundamental idea of religion and cosmos was a vital way of diagnosing medicine. The common name for this type of individualized focused of medicine is known as holistic medicine, and what differs from Hildegard’s treatments from now, are the focus placed on the patient. Her belief was that the theory of humoral medicine was similar to cooking, or gardening, a healer had to estimate the...


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