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Something Really Really Intuitive Essay

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President Winston Churchill once said, “Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business.” (CITATION) Being the president of the United States, he could fully comprehend that the government controlled whether a technology succeeded or failed in the market. That being said, how does the government decide which products are fit for funding, or are in need or substantial regulating? Simply, the answer is you. Although that sounds like a cheesy political sham, politics is a game of persuasion, and the public (you) needs to see the government is willing to change a product, for better or worse. To examine this claim in its entirety, it’s useful to dissect both sides of the spectrum through ...view middle of the document...

The Corvair was built in a sporty fashion, and instead of safety focused on a new aerodynamic design, with the engine in the back of the car. Disregarding proper development many design flaws were ignored, including tire pressure, and stabilization factors, which incidentally caused many accidents. Originally much of the blame was placed on the driver and driving conditions, which kept the companies safe. It stayed this way until the public, and the government decided to do something about it.
Now where did theses problems begin, and how were they attended to? They began with consumers not being adequately informed of the many quirks of the Corvair. Each potential problem was outlined within the owner’s manual, but just like today many people don’t touch those. Next as Ernest Cunningham stated came the, “moral dishonesty of the executive management responsible for policy direction, which year after year ignores design safety.” This moral dishonesty created a public outcry, and led multiple organizations to look into the terrible safety measures of the Corvair. Through this it attracted the attention of the government, which finally brought change. Looking back in history it may be hard to find direct regulations aimed at the Corvair, but it was a hot topic in Congress. Each time the Corvair and its safety were brought up in Congress, Chevrolet immediately changed the safety problem being discussed, but nothing more. Then in New York, a legislature was formed to create a prototype safety car program, which was then placed into effect by Governor Rockefeller on July 15, 1965. This was the final breaking point that, allowed the publics voice in safety to be heard, and change the automotive industry. Technology doesn’t always create public uproar; now and again it creates one of the most influential, and groundbreaking organizations of all time.
Space is an extraordinary frontier that has brought forth many scientific discoveries, and at one point in time the adventure into this frontier brought together an entire nation, and shocked the world. To see just how the government played a vital role in NASA’s uprising, we must look at two separate times in history: the launch of Sputnik, and the landing on the moon. To start, in the 1950’s the idea of space as the new frontier was established. Many believed a small satellite, placed into orbit before the Russians, could symbolize the freedom of space, and allow a demonstration of advanced technology. President Eisenhower on the other hand had no desire to participate with this race, which angered many including Wernher von Braun who was a leader in rocket technology. By being passive Eisenhower planned to create an...


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