Something Smells Fishy With Commercial Fishing

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Mike and Sally's neighbor, Bob, has decided to recreate his house from the bottom up. Therefore, Bob immediately has a bulldozer arrive at his house to destroy it completely so that he may build his new dream house. Once the bulldozer has wrecked Bob's living quarters completely, it does not seem to stop. The bulldozer keeps demolishing everything else in its path, including Mike and Sally's house. Sadly, Mike and Sally's pet hamsters were in the house along with many other valuable items that were completely flattened into the many mounds of ruble. Of course, this is not a true story, but it is actually a hyperbole of the marine-life dilemmas going on presently in oceans everywhere around the world. The story of Mike and Sally's house being destroyed represents the millions of non-target sea creatures and their habitats that are accidentally caught and destroyed by commercial fishing. This growing problem, known as "bycatch", is not only killing millions of sea creatures, but also it is turning the marine life into an unbalanced habitat. Bycatch is only one of many problems caused by today's commercial fishing. Present day commercial fishing needs to be regulated more strictly because of its excessive bycatch and damage to the seabeds, poor fishery management systems, and over fishing, which unfortunately encourages fish farming.Commercial fishing needs to be regulated on a stricter basis because of the excessive amounts of bycatch and the damage is does to seabeds. Peter Singer and Jim Mason explain in their book, The Way we Eat: Why our Food Choices Matter, that a quarter of fish caught by commercial fisherman around the world is bycatch (Mason and Singer, 112). Singer and Mason also add that today's boats are bigger and nets reach deeper, therefore they catch greater numbers of fish, but these boats also create greater damages by scooping up millions of unwanted sea life and damaging the sea beds with their gears (Mason and Singer 112). Because of new technology, commercial fishers are catching a lot more fish, but are also inflicting a lot more damage upon marine life. Not only are a quarter of the fish caught unwanted, but also they are thrown back into the water dying or dead. Anchorage Daily News online article called "Bycatch cap for Bering Sea fishery weighed: KING SALMON: Heated debate expected versus Pollock industry," explains that every year billions of pounds of Bering Sea Pollock are caught to make products such as imitation crab and fish sticks (Wesley). The problem arising is that the Pollock commercial fishers are actually catching and killing many of the very precious fish called King Salmon while in pursuit of the Pollock (Wesley). Because of bycatch, many of the most valuable King Salmon are going to waste in quest to catch the nation's biggest commercial sea creature, Pollock. Once again, commercial fishers are catching non-target fish that completely go to waste and in this case, the bycatch is very expensive. Seabeds...

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