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Something Sweet Essay

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What I once use to consider as a pastime or a hobby has now turned into a full-time job. I baked my first cake for money in December 1998 for one of my coworker's grandsons. After that cake, my coworker's two sons began calling me for an order, then her neighbor, then everyone at the plant I worked at. I couldn't believe everyone wanted me to bake a cake for him or her. Was it that good? I started off baking an average of about 1-2 cakes a week. Now, I'm like 7-ll®; I'm baking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Like Slurpee® crazed customers having a craving for something good, my customers call me at all times of the day and night in hopes of ordering a cake that comes in many flavors. Just like a customer sighing in front of the Slurpee® machine because they are unsure of what flavor to get, my customers go silent over the phone when I describe the rainbow of cake flavors. Similar to the many flavors 7-11® has to offer, I, too, have a range of cake batters to satisfy the most fickle taste buds; there is banana, caramel, cherry, chocolate, lemon, marble, orange, pineapple, strawberry, white and yellow. These flavors are topped off with my luscious, homemade buttercream icing that bellows mmm mmm mm! Imagine waking up to the warm sweet smell of a bakery everyday. Well, that is how it is in my home daily. The baking is non-stop. Sometimes, I wake up and say, "time to make the donuts" as if I were slaving away in front of a hot oven at Dunkin' Donuts®. I often wonder if ever there is a time my stove isn't turned on.When it is time for me to bake a cake, I must fully prepare myself. I must clear my mind and concentrate on what it is I am going to bake. I first preheat my over to 325 degrees. This is the temperature that I use to bake all of my cakes. I take a small heap of Crisco® shortening and stroke it up, down and across the sides and bottom of the pan. I cover the shortening with flour, making sure no shortening is without a layer of flour. I shake of any excess flour and discard. I hastily run to my cabinets and refrigerator to gather my ingredients and utensils; I get milk, eggs, butter, salt, sugar, more flour, vegetable oil, baking powder salt, bowls, measuring cups and measuring spoons. First, I combine all of my dry ingredients in a bowl and put the bowl aside. Next, I beat the eggs in a metal bowl with a fork. The clanking of the fork hitting the sides of the bowl echoes off the walls in the kitchen. I then add milk and oil concurrently and stir gently until blended. I add my dry mixture to my egg mixture a little at a time while using my mixer to beat well. The hum of the mixer on the fist setting assures me that my batter won't splatter outside of the bowl. After all of my dry mixture is added, I beat until smooth and creamy. I pour my batter into my greased and floured pan and...

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