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Something That I Wish I Wouldn't Have Done

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I should never indulge in material desire. In a hot humid summer, every student cheered and talked about different plans one after another, but not for me. I was a grade 11th student; this summer should be a stressful start for all those 11 graders who wanted to get into a high reputation college or one of the dream universities. This was the year to make all-out attempts. As I walked on the street in downtown after school, I glanced a window display. Something caught my eyes immediately. It was so pretty; I wanted to own one. Once I stepped close to the door, it was opened. Two neat dressed people quickly came to me and greet. “ How are you, my dear?” one of the sales said. “ I would like to see that purse displayed over there. ”I replied. She walked to the window with white gloves on and reached the beautiful piece that I asked and brought it to me. I carefully admired it for a few minutes and had decided to purchase it. I turned the price label to check the price. I was astonished and felt dispirited. It was listed $495. “ Wow! That is more than what I expect. ” I murmured to myself. “Thank you! ” I returned the purse to the sales and walked towards the door. “ How can I offer it? Money. Where can I get enough money to pay off? ” I could not stop asking myself those questions. Since all 11 graders had no summer break, I had made up my mind to work part-time. One of my friends introduced me to get my first part-time job. I stood in the middle of the lobby at FE21 department store passing away flyers. Two hours later, I hurried up walking across the street to a convenient store: Hi Life. I usually grabbed a lunch bun out of the shelf and got a bottle of milk from the fridge section. That was my easy quick lunch. I did not have much time to sit down and enjoy my meal because I had to be at the next place in time for my...

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