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Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always Essay

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“I would rather be a little nobody, then an evil somebody,” (Abraham Lincoln). Cyber bullying is a national epidemic. It makes victims feel confused or unwanted. Many teenagers and even adults do not always think about what one comment on the internet can do. The author, Elissa Janine Hoole, shows how victims feel in exceptional detail. Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always has countless strengths, but also has it’s weakness’. This book is a something that every teenager should read. It covers almost everything someone this age would face; bullying, social media, religion, change. The characters can relate to anyone in middle school, and the reader can feel more connected to the story.
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One of the book’s strengths has to be the characterization of a girl, named Drew Godfrey. Her character is very relatable to many teenagers. There is probably a Drew in every middle school and when she is introduced, someone always comes to mind. In effect, the relationship the reader feels makes the book more relatable. Most would act like Cass and be embarrassed to be Drew’s friend, but the reader learns can happen if it is not dealt with. Elissa Janine Hoole also gives Drew vivid description. The details help feel the emotions that Drew might have or that another character has toward her. The reader can only guess how Drew feels, through Cassandra’s point of view, like when she says, “Her cheeks and hollow of her throat are pink, and I catch a subtle wave of nervous body odor,” (53). Many familiar topics are presented, like Drew Godfrey being bullied
Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always covers many controversial topics, making it easy to relate to a wide range of people. One of those topics is social media. In this generation, social media is everywhere. There is an endless list of sites, like Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube. It can be easy to make a small mistake that can have a big impact on others. Another topic is religion and how it is ok not to believe what others may believe. Cassie has a hard time thinking of telling her parents about her beliefs, like when she said, “that I am an atheist? The word is like some kind of curse word,” (71). The author shows kids in this position that it is better to say something, no matter what the consequences might be. The third topic the author addresses in the book is bullying. Bullying is usually stereotyped as being obvious and physical, but it comes in many different forms. The author shows that bullying can happen right in front of someone without knowing. Sometimes bullying is seen as a joke or sarcasm, but it is bigger than that. The main character, Cassie, can also be a bully and has some imperfections.

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