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“Sometimes We Search For One Thing But Discover Another” – How I Met You Mother: Laughter To Moral

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How I Met Your Mother is a series of TV shows with Theodore Evelyn Mosby or Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) as the main character – and his group of close friends who live in Manhattan, New York City. The main concept of each episode was based on the title, and often, the story will start in 2030 where Ted recounts to his son and daughter the events that led him met their mother.
The television show How I Met Your Mother has received many critiques because of their bluntly episodes. Nonetheless, it is believed that How I Met Your Mother portrays a positive role model in modern society.
With this essay, there will be arguments regarding the essentialism and non-essentialism in modern society that ...view middle of the document...

For instance, all women are weak, and men are stupid. This simple acknowledgment has lived within modern society, moreover, this gender stereotypes has become the base for understanding general image of men and women.
This general understanding also explained by Carol A. Stabile though her article about sexism and superheroes. She stated that in most superheroes stories, “The central premise of superhero lore is that someone out there needs to be protected” (2009: 87). Furthermore, those common people who need to be protected are females, and the superheroes are typically males with their ability to save the world. In fact, “Inability to imagine women as anything but vulnerable and in need of protection” (Carol A. Stabile 2009: 89) becomes the basic understanding for gender stereotypes.
Nonetheless, the creators of How I Met Your Mother succeed to overcome this gender stereotypes issues. Robin and Ted characters become the examples of women and men don’t always have the personalities that most women and men have. Ted, the hopeless romantic, fell in love with a girl whom he just met, and he will assume every single girl that he’s dating to be his future wife. Instead of the men-are-stupid depiction, Ted has an Architect Degree.
On the other hand, Robin neither wants to be in a committed relationship nor has children. Both Craig Thomas and Carter Bays ensure the audiences understand that she can protect herself, and she doesn’t need a man to stand by her side. Although, throughout the series there’s always ‘someone’ but Robin never ended in a serious relationship. Her image has illustrated typical men behaviours in modern society that lead to gender stereotypes.
The important message from the show has given different perception in modern society, for this reason, women and men don’t have definite depiction about how they have to act or behave. Therefore, How I Met Your Mother becomes a positive role model in terms of changing modern society perceptions about gender stereotypes.

Gender stereotypes, however, can become extreme in such cases, for instance, sex discrimination particularly towards gay people. In relates to the show, Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) is the representation of ‘ladies men’, means he always surrounded by girls who are crazy about him. Barney is also one of Ted’s closest friends as well as a womanizer. He has never wanted to be in a serious relationship, just like Robin, and therefore, he is categorized to be ‘the typical men’ that were discussed above. However, for Neil Patrick himself his role is quite challenging because in truth, Neil Patrick is homosexual. The fact that he’s a homosexual raised many questions and surprises about the show. He’s constantly playing the role as a womanizer that opposes his true character as a homosexual. The show started in 2005 and Neil confirmed everyone that he’s gay in 2006; however, the creator of How I Met Your Mother didn’t stop the show. Despite the fact that the show has...

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