Somewhere In My Dreams Creative Writing Assignment

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Somewhere in my dreams I travel to a place where the sky is always blue, where palm trees fringe beaches, beaches with turquoise seas and with stretches of white sand as far as the eye can see, where tropical islands are covered with colourful flowers that never fail to bloom and where cascading waterfalls and sacred volcanoes cover a country of unspoilt natural splendour. I travel to Hawaii.
Firstly I will fly to Honolulu with UNITED Airlines and while there I will sample the wonders of this Polynesian City. I will ride the famous, aquamarine Waikiki waves and then attend one of Hawaii’s many Polynesian Luaus, before visiting the cascading Manoa Falls while I take a picture of its fascinating natural splendour. How my friends will be envious! I will then stroll at ease along the black sands of Panalu’u Beach. I feel the fine, black sand in between my toes as I watch the azure waves break on the black craggy coastline. Then, I will stop at Oahu’s famous restaurant ‘Helena’s Hawaiian Food’. I sample the edible delights popular in the Hawaiian area: Kalua pork, chicken long rice, squid luau, poi, laulau and lomi lomi salmon. They are all bizarre but brilliant delicacies. My taste buds explode as I try not to think of Miss Piggy retiring from The Muppet Show to my lower intestine.

On then to Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park and one of the most active volcanoes on the earth – The Kilauea Volcano. The Hawaiian culture is at its richest here. Startling colours – glowing reds, oranges and yellows that slowly turn a burning black – that fizzle over the mountain’s crater, transforming the landscape. I carefully watch the enchanting, spectacular occurrence, making sure not to upset the Island. As the native Hawaiians say “For we do not own the land, for we are one with the land”. I understand now why people flock to this sacred and historical place. The picturesque views tell the story of the creation of...

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