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One could not imagine a life without friends. Friends bring about a sense of balance in one’s life and allow one to enjoy life fully. As Samuel Johnson remarks, “True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice.” Friends are not quite like anyone else in one’s life, one is apprehensive in others lives, concerns, and general well-being. Friends make others feel superior, are attentive, and long to be around under any circumstances. With time, the result of such qualities allows a relationship to be factual, blissful, emotionally stable, and have a unique bond. A friend “for a lifetime” provides respect, integrity, loyalty, and honesty in a relationship.
Respect is a quality in which one views others in high regard. One shares respect in a friendship. To gain one’s respect, one should show respect for others. For instance, if the respect is not mutual the relationship will not have an assured outcome. A friend is respectful when one is content to be oneself. The amount of respect will never change under any situation. One’s thoughts and perception is the same no matter who is around. Respectful friends do not violate or interfere with one’s personal space. True friends understand the appropriate actions to take to clarify the issue. Not only do true friends protect one another, but one also knows when to back off. Respect is the treatment of others in a kind and considerate manner. One appreciates the ways in which he or she is unique. An open mind allows a respectful friendship to be everlasting.
Integrity is the actions that one takes when no one is looking. To have integrity one must follow one’s morals and be strong against the negative aspects in life. A friend with integrity will help one live and follow the correct path. A person with out goals and with no sense of direction will only result in disappointment. As Alan Simpson reveals, “If you have integrity, nothing else matters.” Integrity is a characteristic that incorporates many other qualities. One cannot prove integrity unless one has respect, honesty, and loyalty towards others. Friends do not put one down and condemn those who do. One must be strong-willed and able to stand up for what is right in any situation. Friends help one strive for fineness and push one along the way. A friendship with good integrity is the opportunity to build a sturdy relationship. Integrity forms protection from harm and disappointment. One will always know the others actions and is prepared for the worst. Friends with integrity only know how to be one, and do not understand how to be...

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