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Somoa Informative Creative Writing Peice Essay

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Samoa Dear Journal, I have made it here"¦I am in Samoa. As I walked off the plane I seen that everyone was wearing white, everyone except me of course. I found out that it is a custom to wear white on a Sunday, but don't worry I remembered to say Susu, meaning welcome or listen. I know how it is important to say this before a conversation. It helps show respect for the person.As I was driving threw Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa, I noticed that there was more public transportation than regular personal cars, so I asked the driver of the taxi why there wasn't that many cars in the city. He said that only 1% of Samoans have vehicles, I guessed that he read that someplace. As I got out I thought it was nice that the driver new English. You would have thought he would have only known there native language Samoan, which is a Polynesian language.I have learned an interesting fact about American Samoa, a United states territory, it is only the size of Washington D.C, that with all of it's islands combined. Western Samoa is about the size of Rhode island, with all of it's islands combined.I have made a new friend too also. His name is Peter he is a local. I asked him what they do for recreation, (sports) and he said that Samoans "love to dance and play there own version of cricket". Instead of football they play rugby. I think me and Peter will go see if we can join his friends in a friendly game of basketball tomorrow.The Next Day Dear Journal, I am glad that I have this nice hotel to stay I, because Peter told me that in order to have water you must boil it...

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